It's not Pizza, it's "ObamaNo's Pizza"!

Feeling Hungry for some Pizza?

If you've worked up an appetite over Domino's Pizza having to post calorie counts for 34,000,000 combinations of food items on their menu in order to comply with the "Affordable Care Act" (also known as "ObamaCare"), why not take a break and have a little fun?

With "ObanaNo's Pizza", the latest Obama Slot Machine, the Government has your pizza craving covered without you needing to worry about calories, fat, salt, cholesterol, or actually eating pizza. Simply stop Delivery Guy, Pizza or Breadstick symbols across the pay line as ingredients for about 34 million combinations of pizza fly by: With tasty food symbols and a special "Breadstick Bo'nus" winning has never been more delicious!

And while you're playing, don't worry about Egypt's emerging dictatorship, get upset at single mothers able to turn $29k gross income into $57k net income using your tax dollars, or wonder if there might really be a Liberal named "Defective Gene": Just be happy ObamaCare occasionally lets you enjoy some pizza!

(Oh, if you hit a 5-symbol jackpot, be sure to let me know!)

"You Got 30 Minutes?"® Just try to get some...

5 Alike or Any Combination on the Pay Line Wins
Pizza Delivery = 1840 | Breadsticks = 870 | Pizza Slice = 460
Get 5 Breadsticks for Maximum Payout

Bonus Multipliers
2X Bonus for each Breadstick on any Pay Line, Win or Lose

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Game Notes

  • 5 reels w/ 32 symbols each, for 33,554,432 total combinations: Almost as many as Domino's pizza offerings!
  • Any combination of Delivery Guys, Pizza Slices, or Breadsticks wins!
  • If you keep seeing the same combination, wait longer before stopping the reels (The game's based on how long the reels spin, so it's not truly random)
  • One or more "basic" ingredients loses - along with all the calories for the foods shown.
  • Chance of any winning combination: Approximately 3%, or about 1-in-33
  • Chance of 5 identical winning symbols: 5 Delivery Guys = 1-in-32,768, 5 Pizza Slices = 1-in-43,690, 5 Breadsticks = 1-in-65,536.
  • Calorie counts from "Domino's Pizza Nutrition Guide (#FRONT-12)", ©2009 Domino's IP Holder LLC. Wherever a calorie range was shown, the center of the range was used.


Customization: The MUSEman
Reel Images: Sausage Meat Icons, by Zcool - All meat icons shown.
Veggies Icons, by Icon Icon - Garlic, Onion, Red Pepper, Spinach
Cheese Icons, by Robin Weatherall - American Cheese, Provolone
Desktop Buffet Icons, by Aha-Soft - Chicken, Pizza Slice

Legal Notices

This work is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), v3.0, as some of Reel Images used are for Noncommercial use only: See: for full details.

ShareAlike: A .zip file containing all files required to run the slot machines can be downloaded here.

"Domino's®", "Domino's Pizza®" and "You Got 30 Minutes?"® are Registered Trademarks of Domino's IP Holder LLC., and it's not the intent of this work to disparage or dilute such marks.

Legal disclaimer: Domino's Pizza is not associated with this work, and no endorsement of any kind should be inferred by the appearance of their intellectual property.


Did you get five Delivery Guys, Pizza Slices, or Breadsticks? Or have any comments, kudos, suggestions, or even criticism? I'd love to hear from you, and it's oh-so-easy:
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