It's The Situational Ethics Wheel of Leftism!

Attention all Liberals!

Are you a Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, or ordinary Left-of-Center Democrat who's about to lose a factual, well-considered, logical argument?

Now there's no need to reach for your support animal, medical marijuana, or childhood binky as you retreat under the covers of your bed, shout at the sky, or light the downtown on fire: Simply click the center of the wheel below to decide which topic to switch your narrative to when it looks like your opinions, feelings or regurgitated spoon-fed narrative from the Democrat Party or Liberal Media won't overcome verifiable facts, sound logic, or the Rule of Law.

It's so convenient, try it out now! (To reset the wheel just refresh the web page)

Added bonus! Play "Situational Ethics Bingo"!

You can use the "Situational Ethics Decision Wheel" to play Bingo with your situationally ethical friends: Just follow the instructions below!

Situational Ethics Wheel of Leftism

How to Play "Situational Ethics Wheel of Leftism" Bingo!

  1. Click here to generate bingo cards based on the wheel

  2. Print out and separate the bingo cards

  3. Invite your fellow situationally ethical friends over

  4. Each person gets one Bingo card (to ensure equality, of course!)

  5. Select a person who'll spin the wheel (remembering this doesn't confer superiority onto them)

  6. The person spins the wheel and announces the result

  7. Each player marks the result on their card

  8. First player to get five marks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally ends the game

  9. Award a Participation Medal to all the players (to ensure equality of outcome)

  10. Results already selected are blacked out (because Black Pies Matter!): To reset the wheel refresh the web page.

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Original Concept:
"The Situational Ethics Wheel of Fortune", by Imperatorskiy
, posted to the website "The People's Cube" on 6/17/2018.

Spinning Wheel:
" HTML & CSS Wheel Of Fortune / Bingo Game", by Jeremy Rue

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  • "The Situational Ethics Wheel of Fortune" is Copyright 2018 by Imperatorskiy Pingvin, as posted to the website "The People's Cube" on 6/17/2018, 10:51 pm.
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