Tired of Terrorists? Play Whack-a-Jihadist!

Oops! Where the terrorist go?!?By now everyone's heard of the surprise invasion of Israel by the Palestinian's radical terrorist group Hamas. These devils in disguise, motivated by their religion, funded by Iran (the world's largest sponsor of terrorism) and praised by their supporters in Gaza as heroes, have killed over 1,200 Israelis, wounded over 3,200 more, and kidnapped at least 360, with most of the casualties civilians. All in their attempt to drive Israel "From the river to the sea." and reclaim land they believe belongs to them.

Not to minimize the tremendous seriousness of the situation, but there's little ordinary everyday people living outside the Middle East can do other than offer up thoughts and prayers, call for peace, show support for Israel, and work to hold leaders accountable.

If these events have you frustrated and stressed here's a way to relieve some of it: Whack away at some radical terrorists today by playing "Whack-a-Jihadist!"! It's the classic arcade game "Whac-a-Mole", but with a twist: Instead of bonking bothersome moles as they randomly emerge from their tunnels you whack brainwashed religious suicidal terrorists in the streets! Just wait for an armed insurgent wrapped in a towel to pop up and click or touch them to earn points.

And while you're playing, don't worry about "Special Interest Aliens" from the Middle East illegally crossing into the USA, get upset at Palestinean supporters in Australia chanting "Gas the Jews!" or wonder if the prophesy revealed in Ezekiel 38 of the Bible" - where Gog and her allies attack Israel only to be judged and destroyed by God' wrathwhere Gog and her allies attack Israel only to be judged and destroyed by God' wrath: Just be happy Bidenomics is making your life simpler, the planet cleaner, and America weaker by taking and spending all your money!

(Oh, if you've played the game at the fastest speed and the longest time on your cellphone let me know: I find it impossible play it at that speed!)
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It's said more people have been killed in the name of organized Religion - or the lack of it - than from any other cause known to mankind. And if we ultimately discover that Hamas' invasion of Israel, planned after Joe Biden inauguration, used the $6 BILLION ransom Joe Biden to Iran and with arms surrendered to the Taliban by Joe Biden during his disastrous retreat from Afghanistan Biden, a self-proclaimed Catholic who supports abortion, will add to that gruesome saying.

Game Notes

  • A terrorist can reappear in the same square after you've already hit it.
  • At the end of the game scroll up to see your Game Summary. Click anywhere to close it.
  • If you have problems running the game try refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache.
  • Game is designed to display properly on most cellphones but not all.


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