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I've found word search puzzles a very relaxing way to pass the time while I'm sitting in the bathroom "thinking", reclining at the beach "sightseeing", or standing in line for a couple hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles "being helped", and thought it might be fun to create a few. All the puzzles below are absolutely free, so if your a word seeking fan why not why not download some and enjoy wasting time while your time's being wasted?

Click a puzzle name to open it, then print it out and fill it out by hand (that's "paper-and-pencil" for all you internet youngsters out there). If a puzzle's got you stumped or bored while playing click "solution" and see how to solve it.

For those seeking a challenge, try solving the "Global Warming" Skeptics puzzle: Finding the 273 names of Climate scientists, investigators, and bloggers being legally attacked for scientifically analyzing the validity of the "settled science" of "Global Warming" might require considerable patience and determination from even the most dedicated word search fan. In fact, the puzzle's so big you'll have to contact me at the link below for the solution :-)

Puzzle Name Description  
1 Bubba's Scandals! Can you find all of Bill "BJ" Clinton's scandals? solution
2 Find Hillary's Hidden Words! Not just her emails are hidden. solution
3 Obama's Legacy Things we'll remember this President for. solution
4 TEA Party Traits Words describing America's "activists". solution
5 Bally Pinball Tables Fun for all of you pinball wizards. solution
6 Defunct Car Companies Cars remembered fondly (or not). solution
7 Red Sox Players Past and present entertainers of "The Nation". solution
8 Stern Pinball Tables Now America's largest pinball manufacturer? solution
9 Williams Pinball Tables Classic tables from the inventors of the flipper. solution
10 Patent Jargon Common words from the patenting process. solution
11 Patent Jargon 2 Same word list, arranged differently. solution
12 Red Sox Players 2 More players from Beantown's favorite baseball team. solution
13 It's Summertime! Discover the words of Summer. solution
14 On the Golf Course Sorry golfers, swear words not included. solution
15 Signs of Fall Things that make Fall memorable. solution
16 Business Buzzwords No doubt you've heard some of these. solution
17 Business Buzzwords 2 Same word list, arranged differently. solution
18 School Subjects Not just reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. solution
Merry Christmas! Think of this as a free gift. solution
20 Obama's Legacies More "accomplishments" by our "Hope-and-Change" President. solution
21 "Global Warming" Skeptics "Global Warming" Alarmists brand these people as heretics. Email me!
22 DHS Stopwords Words the Government might be tracking. solution
23 DHS Stopwords II Even more words the Government might be tracking? solution
24 DHS Stopwords III The Dept. of Homeland Security finds these words interesting. solution
25 NSA Stopwords 1 Common words the NSA might be tracking? solution
26 NSA Stopwords 2 More common words the NSA might be tracking. solution
27 Bankrupt US Retailers US Stores no longer in business. solution
28 Bankrupt US Retailers 2 Even MORE US Stores now out of business. solution

If you like these puzzles or want more, why not ? Or, construct your own puzzles by downloading the excellent program "Word Search Creator", by Matthew Wellings: It's free, and available for Mac, PC, and Linux.


Software: "Word Search Creator", by Matthew Wellings
Puzzles: The MUSEman

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