Quote of the Day: Remembering Henry Kissinger

Official Photo of Henry Kissinger, taken 3 March 1976Henry A. Kissinger passed away last night at his home in Kent, CT at the age of 100 years old. Kissinger, who at age 15 fled Nazi Germany with his Jewish family for New York City, was a former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, won the Nobel Peace Prize for ending Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam War, helped Nixon normalize relations with Communist China, and established a relationship of detente (“relaxation”) with the Soviet Union which resulted in nuclear arms reduction and under President Reagan the liberation of Russia and Eastern Europe from Soviet Communist rule.

While there’s no doubt Henry Kissinger had a distinguished and accomplished career as a diplomat and foreign policy expert I can’t help but recall this quote attributed to him from 1992 – a quote which today resonates on so many levels as to be almost disturbing:

“Today [in 1992] Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.

You have to understand. Future wars will be fought by capitalists and anti-capitalists as society polarizes. When that happens, control of information will be as important as control of territory used to be in conventional conflicts. If you can stop your enemy from destroying your information, then you have a good chance of winning the war.”
  Henry Kissinger, address to the Bilderberger meeting, Evian, France, May 21, 1992 (as transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates).

It almost seems ironic that a man who fled a ruthless 1930′s German Dictator who attempted to use global conflict – and, the destruction of the World’s Jewish population – to reset the world and establish a “Third Reich” “New World Order” run by a central government would deliver a speech to the world’s most influential elites from industry, finance, media, politics, and academia advocating something very similar (except for the intentional genocide aspect).

(BTW: It was the same ruthless 1930′s German Dictator who in 1940 spoke to his people of how promises of a “Golden Age” of Justice, Democracy, disarmament, free trade, culture and religion by Western countries were like old records “played once too often”.)

I suppose the eternal lesson here is that if someone is going to control the world that “Someone” it’s best if that “Someone” is you instead of the other person.

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It’s Memeory Taco Tuesday Time Again!

If you want to skip my editorial introduction and
go straight to the memes then Click here

Taco Bell Shirt, 1998, with Gidget the Chihuahua
It’s Taco Bell Tuesday, which reminds me of the time I visited a Taco Bell during a hot Summer Tuesday wearing my vintage 1998 “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” t-shirt adorned with Taco Bell’s mascot, Gidget the Chihuahua. Rather than greeting me the young White female employee behind the counter engaged in the following conversation:

Her: You shouldn’t wear that t-shirt, it’s offensive!
Me: To who?
Her: Mexicans.
Me: How can it be offensive to Mexicans, there aren’t any Mexicans on the shirt.
Her: It has a chihuahua on it, and that insults Mexicans, it’s a negative stereotype.
Me: What??? Chihuahuas are a national symbol of Mexico, and besides, who says a dog can’t be hungry for Mexican food?
Her: Well, you shouldn’t be wearing it.
Me: Are you even Mexican?
Her: No, but that doesn’t matter.

At this point the Manager – whom I’ve known for awhile – politely interceded and took my order (and, took Her off of counter duty).
Don’t bother scratching your head on this one, instead, enjoy this deliciously spicy collection of Memeories sure to satisfy everyone except perhaps Woke Taco Bell employees ;-)

Unlike other websites who compile and publish memes created by other people in order to drive traffic add a touch of humor to their site I create almost all the memes I publish and only occasionally publish a meme from someone else. Note: Copyright is claimed on all content I’ve created and not otherwise covered by any third party. You can copy and republish any image but you can’t sell it, can’t modify my website link or logo on the image, and must include attribution.

Click any meme below to see a much larger version appear in a new window.

Biden's Transgender Pair Strutting some Flair

Did you know that out of the 365 days in a year there are 307 days where the Non-Heterosexual Community can celebrate or commemorate someone or something specific to their own Community? That’s 85% of the year. And one of those events is “Transgender Awareness Week” which apparently involves so much awareness it’s celebrated for 14 days – or maybe even an entire month. (Although, one might think Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, and their complicit Media and businesses are working to make us “aware” every single day.)

The Alphabet has self-identified as WTF

It’s said “You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.”, but that’s only true if the diameter of the hole is less than the hypotenuse of the square. (For those bad at Geometry, if a square is sized so that each of its’ four corners touch the inside of the hole then it will fit.) This meme begs to differ by showing geometry can be abandoned simply by self-identifying that any square can fit in any hole.

Disney's Woke and they're going BROKE!

Walt Disney died in 1966 at age 65 from lung cancer caused by 50 years of cigarette smoking. The Walt Disney Company is apparently dying at age 100 from financial losses caused by 32 years of increasing Cultural Wokeness. This Wokeness may have started with Disney’s first “Disney World Gay Days” back in 1991, but I’m not sure as I didn’t see that event on the Non-Heterosexual Calendar. My new logo not only displays sensitivity to the Non-Heterosexual Community but also Disney’s declining stock price.

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Let’s All Sing “Tubthumping”, for Biden’s Birthday!

A belated “Happy Birthday!” to Joseph Robinette Biden!

Born November 20, 1942 in Scranton Pennsylvania, Joe was the 6th-youngest person to be elected a US Senator (at age 29), almost the oldest to be elected vice president (only five were older), and the oldest ever to be selected America’s president (at 77 years old). Biden has spent his entire professional career of over 50 years working as either a politician or educator. If “Big Guy” Joe Biden is re-selected (p)Resident of the United States he’d be America’s oldest president.

To (belatedly) commemorate his birthday, instead of singing”Happy Birthday!” I thought I’d mobilize truinnerashuvaduprezure and have us all sing him a special song!

(with apologies to the band Chumbawamba, who wrote the original song)

Setting: Joe Biden, singing at the beach after a long day of speaking gibberish, quitting early, and collecting his 10%)

Truth is I thought it mattered
I thought that America mattered
But it doesn’t, bollocks!
Not compared to how Socialism matters

I’ll be singing
When America’s not winning
I’ll be singing

I’ll knock you down
And knock you down again
‘cuz I’m told I have to knock you down
You’ll get knocked down
And not get up again
‘cuz we need to keep you all knocked down


Pissing your cash away
Pissing your lives away

I’ll sniff your kids today
Sell fossil fuels away
Take your guns away
And get my cut today
Thinking thoughts that remind me of my shower times
And how your money’s gonna bring me even better times

Oh Danny Boy
Danny Boy
Danny Boy

I’ll knock you down
And knock you down again
‘cuz I have to work to knock you down
You’ll get knocked down
And not get up again
‘cuz I’m making sure you stay knocked down


Pissing your rights away
Pissing your lives away

I’ll fail at what to say
Fall up stairs today
Raise the debt today
Start a war today
While thinking thoughts I remember from a younger day
As I wonder why my brain doesn’t work today

Don’t cry for me
Next door neighbour

I’ll knock you down
And knock you down again
‘cuz I’m working now to knock you down
You’ll get knocked down
And not get up again
‘cuz Socialism’s gonna keep you down

(Repeat to fade)

Watch the band perform their only hit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Did you know?
Here's looking at you, kid!The British punk band Chumbawamba, formed in 1982, only had one hit during their 30-year career. The song “Tubthumping”, released in 1997, talked about a lower-class bloke who spends his day struggling against the elites who want to keep him down and his nights drinking to forget his troubles so he can get up the next day and struggle again. It’s fondly remembered as a favorite of sports stadiums, especially when the home team made a comeback. While the band is long gone (they broke up in 2012, but their website lives on for now), the struggle of the lower classes against the rich and powerful Elites continues unabated.

Original Song Credits:

Title: Tubthumping | Album: Tubthumper | Band: Chumbawamba | Released: 1997
Writers: Judith Abbott, Allan Whalley, Louise Watts, Darren Hamer, Nigel Hunter, Duncan Bruce, Paul Greco, Alice Nutter

Thanks for Reading! (and, for singing!)

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Memeory Time? Nope, it’s a Monday Morning Cartoon!

People who know me know I love Warner Brothers “Looney Tunes” cartoons from the 1930′s through the late 1950′s: While not as innovative as cartoons from Paramount’s Max Fleischer or as visually sophisticated as MGM’s (the best cartoons of the Golden Age), Warner’s animators took a diverse cast of characters, combined them with action, slapstick comedy, scripts full of clever double entendres, and a disregard for the Laws of Physics, and presented them in an efficient and timeless animation style.

So, to start off your Monday Morning of a holiday week on the proper foot here’s a vintage Warner Brothers Cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam and a stubborn camel, taking place in a setting sure to rattle the sensitivities of politically-correct Liberal Snowflakes and Hare Trigger radical Islamists… Enjoy!

Added Bonus!
One of the links in this post leads to another cartoon: It’s where we meet Yosemite Sam for the first time and hear Bugs sing…

“Peeping through the knothole of Grandpa’s wooden leg
Who’ll wind the clock when I am gone?
Go get the ax, there’s a flea on Lizzie’s hair,
For his boy’s best friend is his Mother!

Peeping through the knothole of Grandpa’s wooden leg
Why do they build the shore so near the ocean?…”

That’s All Folks!
(oops… Thanks for Reading! ;-) )

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Nikki Haley wants to Know My Name (and Yours)

Paper Bag over my head.(image by rawpixel.com, courtesy of Freepik)
In 2011 I was between jobs and decided to design, code, publish, and administer a website and blog to replace my first amateur website published in 2003. While my original website used my actual name my new website would also include a personal blog, and as I wanted potential future employers to hire me based on my job-related skills and not my political ideology, religious beliefs, social viewpoints, or patriotism I decided to write under an alias – The MUSEman – and provide only a bare minimum of personally-identifiable information.

Unfortunately, when I finally landed a new job one of the conditions of employment – in addition to the usual full background check and drug tests – was to inform Human Resources of my online presence: Every Website and Blog I created, every Social Media site I belonged to, every Alias I used when posting comments or content, etc. If I didn’t tell them, withheld anything, or they didn’t like what they read, I wouldn’t be hired, and if employed by them could be fired without notice. Fortunately, being mature adults I knew to respect my employer’s reputation and they knew their employees had personal lives and First Amendment protection outside of work.

Well, imagine my surprise after reading what former Republican Governor and presidential candidate Nicky Haley said recently:

“…when I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts— social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms. Let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing. The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name.”
Nikki Haley (R-SC), former Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Nov. 14, 2023

Nicky Haley might not know this but there are many reasons why people prefer to remain anonymous:

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So Wrong! Columbia Untisemity News Interviews Hamas

Eretz Nehederet” (“A Wonderful Country“), a satirical comedy show in Israel similar to America’s once-brilliant and edgy “Saturday Night Live”, aired a comedy sketch on November 5th where two Columbia University students express their support for Palestine by interviewing a member of Hamas.

Watch the video before it’s censored forever:

“I major in Queer Post-Colonial Astronomy”… ROTFL!
This isn’t just funny because it almost guarantees a minimum-wage career but also because it might be possible to actually major in it at Harvard University… or, at least attend a Postcolonial Astrology Workshop. :-)

“I want to clear something up just so you know – any drama between me and my friend, Bibi, over the years was just a plot to create material for ‘A Wonderful Country’. That’s the only thing that was going on. We just wanted to make sure the writers had good material.”
Barack Obama, former US President, March 21, 2013, in Jerusalem, Israel, as quoted by IMDB.com

Did you know?

Perhaps Barack Obama didn’t provide the comedy writers enough “good material”: In 2015 Obama’s State Department — headed by former Massachusetts Senator and now the first U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry — gave $300,000 of US Taxpayer money to fund the OneVoice Movement, which “…absorbed and funded an Israeli group named Victory15 or ‘V15′ and launched a multimillion-dollar grassroots campaign in Israel…” to stop the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Added Bonus: Know Your Gen-Z Slang!
Word Meaning
simp excessive sympathy (also spelled as “symp”)
brah “brother”, an abbreviation of the Hawaiian Pidgin slang word “braddah”
sis dishonest or untrustworthy (short for “suspect”)
drip a fashionable, eye-catching look or style (perhaps short for “dripping”?)
shukran Arabic for “Thank you”

Thanks for Reading!

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