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Face it, you knew it all along.

I Finally got around to it: Another Memeory Time!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some Memeories but now your patience has been rewarded with an expanded edition! Read and enjoy! Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day! Party like it’s 1776!

It’s the 4th of July, America’s Independence Day, and time to do what America’s Founding Fathers wanted: Celebrate! Continue reading

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After Debating it’s Clear: Trump Must Go to Prison

CNN’s first Presidential Debate of 2024 made one thing perfectly clear: Trump must be sentenced to prison on July 11th. Click to see why. Continue reading

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Video: Why Biden Shouldn’t Debate Trump

In a recent interview published on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter), Trump demonstrates why Biden shouldn’t debate him on June 27th. Continue reading

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Biggs wants 51 “Intelligence Experts” to be Insecure

What do you do with 51 Intelligence Experts whose claim of “disinformation” was actually disinformation? Make them insecure. Continue reading

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Video: Biden’s Opprobrium at the Podium – AGAIN!

Video: Joe Biden visits the podium again to introduce himself to gravity and world leaders as he warms both the audience and the environment. Continue reading

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