Biden podría tener razón: ¡Compre una escopeta!

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WARNING - Property Owner is Armed!Según una estimación del Pew Research Center, había alrededor de 10.5 millones de extranjeros ilegales viviendo en Estados Unidos, llegó a 10.5 millones en 2021; un número que sin duda es más alto hoy en día bajo el presidente Biden. Estoy seguro de que al menos algunos de esos infractores de la ley han visto este video reciente publicado en TikTok.

Si bien es cierto que Estados Unidos es la tierra de los libres, eso no significa que todo se regale, especialmente cuando se trata de casas: los estadounidenses tienen libertad de expresión, pero también tienen derecho a asegurar su propiedad y el derecho a portar armas, para poder defender su propiedad con un arma.
Estados Unidos tiene más de 466 millones de armas y 12 billones de rondas de municiones en manos de más de 82 millones de personas, y al menos un tercio de todos los hogares poseen un arma (lea más sobre esto aquí). Y estas cifras no incluyen a las fuerzas del orden, la seguridad fronteriza o las fuerzas armadas, que tienen sus propias armas y municiones.
Incluso los presidentes creen que defender su propiedad con un arma es una buena idea y recomiendan usar una escopeta.

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Tuesday Tacos Means More Memeory Time!

Yep, I'm Born Wild! (sort of)Most of my acquaintances consider me a rather sedate person, especially after about 8:30ish, and that’s just fine by me: Lately the world’s been so wild it isn’t going to miss whatever excitement I could bring. Today I’ll be watching the world’s wildness continue to unfold on the Interweb as I sit back and enjoy tempting and tasty faux-Mexican food at my local Taco Bell©.
In the meantime feel free to enjoy these latest Memeories… and leave all the wildness to the professionals ;-)

Unlike other websites who compile and publish memes created by other people in order to drive traffic add a touch of humor to their site I create almost all the memes I publish and only occasionally publish a meme from someone else. Note: Copyright is claimed on all content I’ve created and not otherwise covered by any third party. You can copy and republish any image but you can’t sell it, can’t modify my website link or logo on the image, and must include attribution.

Click any meme below to see a larger version in THE SAME window.

OnlyFans, before the internet was invented.

My previous Memeory Time included a Memeory where I mentioned Money buys Youth because rich older men have it and young ambitious women want it. Well, here’s one way pretty women may have enticed rich people to toss money at them before Al Gore invented the internet.

My new ceiling lights really light up the room!

Speaking of homes and hammers, this Memeory speaks for itself. Personally, I think these are much better than ceiling fan lights ;-)

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It’s Leticia James’ Special Monday Morning Memeory!

(Click to enlarge the image in THE SAME window)
Leticia James is after Trump's impressive erection?!?

Progressive Democrat black woman Leticia James’ promised to “get Trump” during her campaign for NY Attorney General, and the day after she was elected declared “We’re definitely going to sue [Trump's] a$$. He’ll know my name”.

There’s no doubt after being tried by both the Liberal Media and a Democrat-controlled justice system, being declared guilty by a “quirky” judge (without a jury) of breaking a law despite there being no intent, no victims, and no harm, President Trump sure does know her name.

Trump can appeal the guilty verdict, but only after he pays the $454,000,000 demanded by the verdict for the fine, fees, and interest. As most of Trump’s wealth is tied up in his hotels, golf courses, and mansion, and insurance firms hesitate to cover a bond in a bad real estate market, so Trump may have to surrender his Trump Tower to the State of NY to pay the fine in order to appeal his case.

I’ve no doubt Leticia James would enjoy getting her hands around probably the biggest erection she’ll ever have in her life, and that inspired me to create the Memeory above.

UPDATE! Late this morning CNN reported the New York State Court of Appeals ruled former President Donald Trump only needs to provide a bond of $175 million rather than the full amount of $464 million. Looks like Leticia won’t be laying her hands on Trump’s big erection after all.

(Click to enlarge the image in THE SAME window)
The Government is After You, I'm Still in the Way

Unlike other websites who compile and publish memes created by other people in order to drive traffic add a touch of humor to their site I create almost all the memes I publish and only occasionally publish a meme from someone else. Note: Copyright is claimed on all content I’ve created and not otherwise covered by any third party. You can copy and republish any image but you can’t sell it, can’t modify my website link or logo on the image, and must include attribution.

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Is this Cellular Plan Taking Consumers to the Mint?

Man cheering while using phone.(image by cookie_studio, courtesy of
Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Consumer Cellular’s latest ad “HQ Tour” offering cellphone plans for “up to half of what the largest carriers charge”, and the excited narrator even saying he’ll give me a minute to “get smart enough to know a good wireless deal”.

Their ad is pretty slick, and after hearing it repeatedly over the last month or so I’ve almost got it memorized.

Personally, I use Mint Mobile, once completely owned by actor Ryan Reynolds who now only owns a portion of it after selling it to T-Mobile for $300,000,000. His ads (here’s one) are designed to convey the same message about his cellphone plans: Easy, Simple, and Inexpensive. I use a phone I brought to them, and I’m quite happy with the service (despite an occasional low signal and extremely rare random reboots of my phone).

I think I’m a fairly smart shopper so I checked if Consumer Cellular could sell me a less expensive, full-featured wireless plan.

Except for some minor differences offered to new customers, when it comes the usual wireless plan features – like talk, text, roaming, hotspot, voicemail, billing, etc. – both companies offer nearly identical plans (to see that boring comparison Click Here). One important difference is Consumer Cellular is a month-to-month service while Mint Mobile requires at least a 3-month contract.

However, most of the cost of a wireless plan is the high-speed data, and in plans offered by companies who don’t own their own network (called “MVNOs”, or “Mobile Virtual Network Operators”) the more money you spend the more data you get.

Let’s compare the data plans offered by each company:

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Grab Some Popcorn and Watch “Climate: The Movie”

It's a Snow Globe!“…compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and unusually low. We are currently in an ice age.”
- Tom Nelson, Climate/Energy Podcaster (website)

Climatologically speaking, since at least 1995 the world’s been brainwashed educated into believing the Earth is experiencing a dramatic increase in Average Global Temperature caused principally by using Fossil Fuels to power our world and manufacture our goods, and unless we completely stop using Fossil Fuels immediately and convert our energy, economic, and societal infrastructures to run on “Green Energy” – creating energy, economic, and social destruction worldwide in the process – Mother Nature will destroy the Earth for us within a few hundred years.

If you want to skip my editorial comment and go directly to the video just Click here

And what a “Climate Change” education it’s been! Here’s a brief review:

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Connecticut’s a “Gun-Free Zone”? (Maybe…for a Month)

CT Legislature - Dumb and Very Dangerous?(image at left by dgim-studio, courtesy of, and modified by The MUSEman. Click it to enlarge.)

“Section 17: Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defence of himself and the state.”

Recently I read a breathtaking headline claiming the State of Connecticut was attempting to pass a bill which would “make most of the State a Gun-Free Zone”.

Under the proposed Connecticut House Bill HB 5448 a “Gun-Free Zone” of 1000 feet would exist around early voting locations, polling places, ballot drop boxes, same-day election registration sites, and places where ballots are counted and re-canvassing takes place. Lawful carry would be banned for a 31-day period once absentee voting begins. The bill also allows “certain election workers” to shield their home addresses from a FOIA request and allows criminal and civil prosecution for anyone exhibiting “threatening or harassing conduct toward election workers”.

Obviously, hundreds (if not thousands) of responsible, legal gun owners in Connecticut who are opposed to this bill are correct in claiming it would be difficult during the State’s 31-day voting period to know when they’d be breaking the law while otherwise legally carrying a firearm. (Lawyers like to use the words “burdensome” and “onerous” rather than “difficult”, while the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment states quite elegantly “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”)

I was curious to see just how difficult obeying this proposed law might be, so I took a look at just one Connecticut town: Trumbull, located just North of Bridgeport, CT (one of the State’s largest and poorest cities, whose government has been run by Democrats for decades). And here’s what I discovered…

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