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Trump Verdict Shows “No One is Above the Law!”

With President Trump’s felony conviction Democrats can proclaim “No one is above the law!”. Before they do maybe they should look in a mirror. Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2024

On this Memorial Day Liberty reminds us to remember America’s Fallen Heroes. Continue reading

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Video: Biden’s Opprobrium at the Podium – AGAIN!

Video: Joe Biden visits the podium again to introduce himself to gravity and world leaders as he warms both the audience and the environment. Continue reading

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Let’s Bid a Belated Bye-Bye to “The Butcher”

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi, the “Butcher of Tehran” recently died in a helicopter accident. Biden’s sent his condolences, so I thought I’d do so as well. Continue reading

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My Stupidity Allergy is Your Memeories Time!

It’s been a hallmark week for witnessing others’ Stupidity, and as I’m allergic to it I break out in Sarcasm…as these Memeories demonstrate. Continue reading

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It’s the Perfect Wrist Watch for 2024… and Beyond!

It’s possibly the perfect wristwatch for marking the time until November’s presidential election.. Now, just try and find one! Continue reading

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