Brian Dennehy’s a Red Sox Fan?!?

I suspect not, as Mr. Dennehy was the voice of Babe Ruth in the 2006 animated comedy “Everybody’s Hero” and apparently lives in Woodstock, Connecticut. He’s probably a Yankees fan, which explains why I believe I sighted him at last Sunday night’s Yankees – Red Sox game at Fenway Park:

Brian Dennehy?
(Looks like Brian Dennehy)

Brian Dennehy, Fenway Park
(That's GOTTA be him!)

If that’s not him, we’ve definitely located his stunt double. In fact, my friends and I weren’t even sure it was him… until he stood up and playfully “complained” to the beer vendor (I suspect after being asked to produce ID, which is the law in Massachusetts even in situations where common sense obviousness would apply) - his voice was the giveaway.

So, Brian, in the inexplicably rare chance you’re reading this, thanks for (a) visiting Fenway Park, (2) being an alien in “Cocoon“, and (c) pursuing Rambo in the movie “First Blood“. Oh, and Happy (Belated) Birthday… if you’re a Yankees fan they gave you an early gift that night by beating the Red Sox 7-3.

Thanks for reading!

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