Flagged for Hate Speech…Now Improved!

Awhile back I wrote about how if you arrange four of Daniel Quasar’s Pride Flags just right they’ll create a symbol commonly identified with a reprehensible, evil, hate-filled iconic national Socialist Worker’s political party from the 1930′s.

Well, the problem with “inclusion” is that it’s never “inclusive” enough, because once you start the Balkanization Process it won’t stop until you reach infinity. (And, apparently, even Infinity can be Balkanized…but, I digress)

So, it appears Daniel Quasar’s Progress Pride Flag wasn’t inclusive enough, as it has been modified by Valentino Vecchietti, of Intersex Equality Rights UK to represent the approximately 1.7% of the human population who are classified as “Intersex”, despite that community already having their own flag.

The Valentino Vecchietti Intersex Pride Flag, 2021

The white triangle in Daniel Quasar’s design is now modified to include a triangle having the yellow color and purple circle of the Intersex Flag. How inclusive!

But, it still retains the unfortunate, and perhaps tragically ironic, symbolism inherent in the Progress Pride Flag:

See if you can the hidden symbol in the “even more inclusive” LGBTQQIAAP Flag:

Put four Pride Flags together just right and they create a symbol of hate?!?
(click image to enlarge)

I wonder when someone in the Alternate Lifestyle Community will realize in their march towards infinity they’ve included one group too many?

Thanks for Reading!

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