The DNC’s New Direction?

Now, I’ve never been to North Carolina, let alone the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, site of this week’s 2012 Democratic National Convention. So, I might be “110%”* wrong on this supposition… but, it sure would be interesting (especially to the “tinfoil hat” crowd) if this observation were true:

Anyone else but me notice that if the Time Warner Cable Arena uses the “General End Stage” configuration for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, (with the main stage located on the East side of the arena) any practicing Muslims in the crowd will only have to turn about 15 degrees to their right (or, clockwise) to be properly pointed towards the Ka’bah in Mekkah for their daily prayers?

Here’s a screen grab from the “Qibla Pointer” website:

(click image to enlarge)
Qibla for Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC

Obviously, this is simply coincidence… however, I’ve got a roll of Reynolds Wrap® handy just in case.

*I used to work for a Lawyer who, despite having an Engineering Degree from a very prestigious college, always extolled us to give “110% Percent” . Which may indicate that even the impossible isn’t impossible where lawyers are involved.

Thanks for reading!

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