Chart of the Day: Why I Don’t Date.

Awhile back I posted a Quote of the Day: Why I Don’t Date.

Here’s probably another reason why I don’t date:

(Click image to enlarge)

Seems to be a difference in intelligence?

I’m not one to brag (Ok, maybe just a little) but my IQ of 128 (measured way back in the day) is defined as “Superior“, while an ID of 100 is “Average“, at least according to this IQ chart:

IQ Bell Curve Chart

Now, before I’m flamed by women (and some of the other estimated 112 genders Liberals claim to exist), perhaps the women I’m attracted to don’t appreciate my rapier wit, humorous metaphors, subtle innuendos, and modesty…or maybe it’s because of my looks, size, manner, wardrobe, wealth, car, home, political views, astrological sign, etc. I wish I were a bit smarter so I could figure it out, or a bit dumber so I wouldn’t care ;-)

Guess I’ll have to think about this a little more.

Thanks and a tip of the ‘ol Red Sox cap to Dr. Randy Olson, an AI Scientist at Absci, for the chart. You can see a lot more of Randy’s Data Visualization work here.

Thanks for Reading!

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