Biden’s New COVID “Accomplishment”!

“Covid’s toll in the U.S. reaches a once unfathomable number: 1 million deaths
Elizabeth Chuck and Corky Siemaszko, CNBC, Wed, May 4 2022

600,000 deaths took place during Biden’s Administration.

“And the toll continues to mount.”

And if you read the CNBC article remember:

Masks didn’t work.

Social distancing didn’t work.

Lockdowns didn’t work.

“Unvaccinated deaths” include people who died
within 14 days after being vaccinated

Children and teens are in the lowest risk groups from COVID,
with a much higher risk of dying from the Flu or Pneumonia.

Remember, however, that every death causes pain and suffering to others, and this posting is not meant to diminish or ignore that truth. And I hope Joe Biden doesn’t forget this continuing failure while he’s trying fix his failures on the economy, foreign policy, energy, inflation, and border security.

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