Disturbing: When $29k = $69k.

Did you know? In Pennsylvania, a single, healthy mother with two healthy children ages 1 & 4 in daycare and earning $29,000 a year in gross income has more net income and benefits than a person earning $69,000 a year.

When $29K = $69K?
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What concerns me even more if she were earning zero income per year she would have about the same net income and benefits as a person who earns $54,000 a year.

It makes me wonder what this chart might look like for other states – like California, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc.?

For those wanting more information, click here to download and read the full presentation “Welfare’s Failure and the Solution“, by Gary D. Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare , Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as republished by The American Enterprise Institute , July 2012: It’s an eye-opener – and probably includes suggestions and recommendations that will never see widespread adoption.

A tip of the (Red Sox) cap to Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge for including this chart in his article “When Work is Punishment: The Tragedy of the Welfare State

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