Presenting: The Liberal Alphabet Reader!

Image: A 1950's Alphabet Reader.Ah, the Alphabet Book! Read by nearly every young grade school kid in the United States since 1683 (when the USA was “The Colonies” under British rule), it was one of their first introductions to a picture and words associated to each letter in the English alphabet. And despite electronic tablets, cell phones, laptops, and e-books Alphabet Books are still popular today.

After seeing all the press on Liberal schools wanting to teach young kids about “White Privilege”, “Gender Fluidity”, the benefits of Socialism, and “Climate Change” I said to myself “Myself, why haven’t Liberals written a new Alphabet Reader?”. After all, it’s got to be a lot easier than Progressives trying to re-write the U.S. Constitution.

So I present to you “The Liberal Alphabet Reader”! And here’s hoping the Liberals teach it to our kids ;-)

The Liberal Alphabet Reader
(Copyright © 2022 The MUSEman)

Aa is for Activists
…who’ll invade your personal space

Bb is for Black Lives Matter
…which is racist on its’ face.

Cc is for Communism
…where non-conformity is death

Dd is for Democrats
…who say “Democracy!” with every breath.

Ee is for Equity
…because equality isn’t “Fair”

Ff is for Family
…as long as kids’ parents aren’t there.

Gg is for Government
…it’s correct every single time

Hh is for Hillary
…who won’t be punished for any crimes.

Ii is for Illegal
…it’s what Liberals do to win

Jj is for Justice
…where Liberals never pay for their sins.

Kk is for Karens
…fighting against the Nanny State

Ll is for Liberals
…who don’t want America to be Great.

Mm is for Minorities
…who Liberals bribe to their side

Nn is for News
…mostly well-crafted lies.

Oo is for Obama
…the Democrats’ hypocritical god,

Pp is for Progressives
…whose battle cry is “Forward!”

Qq is for Queer
…one of over 80 “different” genders.

Rr is for Reparations
…using money Whites will surrender.

Ss is for Surveillance
…’cuz Democrats don’t like privacy

Tt is for Targeting
…all the ones who don’t agree.

Uu is for Unity
…provided you’re accepted

Vv is for Victory
…over those Liberals have rejected.

Ww is for Wokeness
…just discrimination in disguise

Xx is for X-Ray
…they’re racist?!? Are you surprised?

Yy is for Youth
…whom Liberals want to control

Zz is for Gen Z
…because a Progressive utopia discards the old.

Thanks for Reading!

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