Say, are YOU an Oppressor? Find Out Now!

[Tip! Don't want to read my intro? Then click here to go right to The OPPRESIONIZER! and see if YOU'RE an oppressor!]

You hear or see it reported nearly every day…

A person or group claiming they have been or are being oppressed by the opinions, demands, or actions of some other group.

…et cetera, ad nauseam.

Rather than trying to tell these people about how you…

…et cetera,

why not simply check if YOUR beliefs or opinions make YOU an oppressor? It’s really easy!

Click the image at the right and then spin “The OPPRESSIONIZER”” and see if your personal values or responsible decisions make you an oppressor: It’s quick, guaranteed to be totally unreliable, but completely free!
(Click the image to try it out!)Click here to spin "The OPPRESSIONIZER!"(Click the image to try it out!)

Thanks for reading!

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