So Wrong…a Crime of Emission!

In the 1964 Pink Panther® movie “A Shot in the Dark“, Inspector Clouseau opens his car door only to fall into a fountain. When his beautiful maid (and love interest) Maria warns him to dry off or risk pneumonia,  Clouseau replies “Yes, I probably will. But it’s all part of life’s rich pageant, you know?“*

Well, in another incredible example of “life’s rich pageant”*, Mr. William Marotta of Topeka, Kansas is being sued for child support by The Kansas Department of Children and Families after donating his “seed” in the Biblical manner to a lesbian couple who wanted their own baby.

According to according the article by reporter Aly Van Dyke in the Topeka Capital-Journal of Kansas, Mr. Marotta “…didn’t want to be involved in the parenting…” and “…signed [a] contract waiving his parenting responsibilities” for the baby girl born on December 7th, 2009.

Why is he being sued? When Angela Bauer, the breadwinner of the couple, could no longer work due to illness her partner and the child’s mom, Jennifer Schreiner, applied to Medicaid for the child’s health insurance – which alerted the State.

And that’s not all: Seems these details only begin to describe this latest (and not the last) example of “life’s rich pageant”, which also involves Craigslist, other children, an apparently-uncooperative doctor, and more: Be sure to read the full article for even more “pageantry”!

*and, life imitating art, if you think about it for too long ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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