Remember: In The Village don’t be “Number 2″

Penny Farthing Bike w/ Canopy Recently I binge watched the excellent 1967 TV series “The Prisoner“, about a man who quits his job and suddenly finds himself involuntarily relocated to “The Village“, where he immediately seeks to discover how he got there, who brought him there, and why.

The more he explores his apparent island paradise the more he discovers he’s trapped in a gilded dystopian cage from which he’s desperate to escape.

The TV series is a commentary involving the age-old battle of The Individual against the State, between Freedom and Conformity. The series echoes George Orwell’s excellent book “1984″ on the dangers of a Totalitarian Socialist State, as it encompasses many of the same themes: A ruling class led by an unseen Leader, total surveillance of the population, information controlled & delivered by The State, and a network of Government agents who enforce the laws.

In some ways The Village is different: The quaint and colorful Village is full of comfortable amenities and located on lovely island, unlike the dire poverty, urban decay, and daily drudgery of Orwell’s dystopian Oceania. The Village wars with no one – except Individuals who don’t conform – while Oceania is constantly at war with an external enemy unseen by most of its’ citizens.

Basic Tenets of The Village
of the people
by the people
for the people
a still tongue
makes a
happy life
a burden to others

a prison for oneself
is the
essential ingredient
of a
democratic society

And, there is one big difference. While Orwell’s world has three large geographic regions in constant conflict, each having their own Government, The Village is actually a microcosm of what their Government wants to do with the entire world: A goal revealed in the series’ second episode.

Number 2: May I join you?
[Number 6 motions towards an empty chair]Number 6 and Number 2 discuss the reality of life at The Village.
Number 2: You’re a good neighbor, I hope? There are some people who talk and people who don’t, which means there are some people who leave this place and some who do not leave. You are obviously staying.
Number 6: Has it ever occurred to you that you’re just as much a prisoner as I am?
Number 2: Oh my dear chap, of course, I know too much. We’re both lifers. I am definitely an optimist. That’s why it doesn’t matter who Number One is. It doesn’t matter which side runs the Village.
Number 6: It’s run by one side or the other.
Number 2: Oh, certainly, but both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created? An international community, a perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other suddenly realise that they’re looking into a mirror, they will see this is the pattern for the future.
Number 6: The whole earth as the Village?
Number 2: Yes, that is my hope. What’s yours?
Number 6: To be the first man on the moon.
[Number 6 and Number 2 both chuckle]
Number 2: Well, must go. Delightful chat.
Thank you, Number Six.

I guess the lesson here is that if you want to preserve everything which makes a society great – Individual Rights, Personal Freedoms, National Identity, Sovereignty, etc. – and don’t want a New World Order run by a Centralized Government in control of and dictating all aspects of Human Life, then you should be more like Number 6

…otherwise you may become Number 2 ;-)

The entire series is eerily prescient of the world around us, each episode is excellent, and it arguably includes the best ending to a television series ever filmed. I highly recommend it, and with only 17 episodes it’s easy to binge watch.

Note: “COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET”, by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret (2020, Forum Publishing), describes how the “Great Reset” will work from the point of view of two elitists: It’s available for purchase on Amazon by clicking here, or reading online at Template Archive by clicking here (Also note I don’t make or take any money from any of the links in my posts).

Thanks for Reading! (and, “Be seeing you!”)

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2 Responses to Remember: In The Village don’t be “Number 2″

  1. museman says:


    I was reading your page and found a broken link referring to the ‘Great Reset Initiative’.

    Dead link title: ‘whole earth as the Village’
    Dead link:

    It looks like the document no longer exists, and after browsing for a while, I was able to find the same initiative text in PDF format here:
    Working link:

    Maybe you could update the link on your page to help other users.

    Have a great day,

    • museman says:

      Thanks, Anna for your comment and the link. My link now leads to a video discussing how the Great Reset could be used to further global control by the elites: The link you provided, written by elites who state the Reset will result in a world “…more inclusive, more equitable and more respectful of Mother Nature” appears at the bottom of the posting.

      Regards, The MUSEman

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