How Well do YOU know Black Political History?

(Image by wayhomestudio on Freepik…thanks!)

In the spirit of celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday I thought it might be nice to have a short quiz covering all the great strides made on behalf of the black community by the Democrat Party.

It should be a very easy test: I’m sure the kids were already taught about civics & history in public school, and they did have an entire extra day off to study the material 😉

Don’t worry, though, this pop quiz won’t be graded – think of it as an exercise in “self-enlightenment”. Oh, and why not review this quiz again when Black History Month arrives in February? It is, after all, part of black history, and the lesson is powerful.

Click here to take the quiz!
It’s short, easy, and free!

MLK quote regarding ignorance and stupidity.

Thanks for reading!

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