Memeory Time: The Elites say “Let them eat Bugs!”

Yosemite Sam wants Bugs Bunny in the oven!?!Fortunately, they’re aren’t talking about Bug Bunny, Warner Brother’s wascally wabbit who escaped bad situations with a combination of intelligence, wit, and charm (and, he could be Jewish?)

No sirree, not talking about that. Although I’ve never eaten rabbit I’m a dedicated carnivore who enjoys delicious beef, fowl, and fish, which makes talk of the “little people” getting their proteins from plant-based meat, fake fish, multi-legged bugs, and protein from the sea while the rich continue to enjoy their haute cuisine simply unpalatable…

…and makes this very clever meme even more ironically humorous.
Schwab's Canned Bugs: No one beats OUR meat!

Some helpful context:

To read more about the pros and cons of fake meat made from plants or cultured animal cells, foods made from lab-grown microalgae, or eating Insects just click on the appropriate link.

Perhaps I’d better get used to eating plants and bugs for my protein, before scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda from the Okayama Laboratory in Japan decides to market his version of non-meat protein (WARNING: May be upsetting to some readers!)

Note: The meme I’ve posted above doesn’t have a byline: If you’re the creator then let me know so I can give you well-deserved credit. The image of Bugs Bunny questioning Yosemite Sam’s demand to get into the oven is from the cartoon “Rabbit Every Monday“, by Warner Bros. (1951).

Thanks for Reading!

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