How to Get “Amazonked”? Order Two of Them.

Spring is fast approaching, and, as Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote in 1835,

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

…which for me means

“Order a bunch of parts for my convertible before I do my taxes and go to Red Sox Opening Day.” ;-)

Naturally, it’s off to Amazon to buy up what I’ll need before my 30-Day Free Prime Membership runs out.

Here’s one of the many parts I want to order to put some pride in my ride:

Let's see: Buy one, wait one day, buy two, wait TWO MONTHS?!?

(Click the image to see a much larger version.)
To see the actual product listing on Amazon click here.

Did I read this correctly? Order one at $15 and it will be shipped from Amazon in one day, but spend $5 more to get TWO of them and it ships from Amazon in TWO MONTHS?!?

Now when I read “ships from Amazon” I assume some robot in some monstrously ginormous Amazon warehouse picks it off a shelf and places it on a conveyor where some overworked human stuffs it into a boringly brown box and sends it out to me.

Why can’t the robot just pick another one off the shelf? The second one’s got to be right next to the first one, right?!?

I suspect if Lord Tennyson were trying to order this from Amazon he would say:

“I have but an angry fancy; what is that which I should do?”

Thanks for Reading!
(BTW: Image of the facepalming man courtesy of cookie_studio on Freepik…thanks!)

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