The Red Sox: American League? Try “Little League”.

It didn’t matter that the weather at Fenway Park on June 4th was cold and damp as the Red Sox took on their division rival the Tampa Bay Rays: Being a Red Sox fanatic even a bad day of baseball is better than a good day at work… or, maybe not…

(with my apologies to MasterCard®)

Tickets: $208.00 (Home Plate, 2 & $104.00 ea.)
Gasoline: $21.00 (Round trip)
Tolls: $10.20 (Round trip)
Parking: $55.00
Soda: $19.00 (32-oz. up, refillable, 2 & $9.50 ea.)
Hot Dog: $13.50 (6 inch, 2 & $6.75 ea.)
Peanuts: $6.50 (1 bag)
Tips: $6.00

Going to Fenway Park to watch a Major League Baseball team spend $181,000,000 to hire players who play like a Little League Team?


(Actually, it cost $339.20)

… and, the Boston Red Sox are currently in LAST PLACE in Major League Baseball’s American League East Division 😩

Thanks for Reading!

Added Bonus! If you clicked the MasterCard® link you saw MasterCard’s 2004 Fenway Park World Series ad. Here’s Boston comedian Dennis Leary’s NSFW but hilarious video showing MasterCard collecting on the promises made by those Sox fans.

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