Inflammational Posters: Democrats Inflame but Trump’s gets the Blame

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On Thursday, August 4th, 2023, after pleading “Not Guilty” to charges that he attempted to overturn the 2020 Election, President Donald J. Trump wrote the following post on his social media network Truth Social:

Donald J. Trump says he's coming after those who come for him.

That’s quite a challenge by The Don, when one considers over the past 8 years Progressive Democrats and their complicit Media, Soros-funded Activist Groups, supplicant Social Media CEOs, devoted Hollywood supporters, loyal BLM and Antifa stormtroopers, sympathetic RINOs, and “Never-Trumpers” have been working 24/7/365 to destroy him.

Trump’s post resulted in Federal Attorneys prosecuting Trump’s upcoming court case requesting Judge Tanya Chutkan – a leftist judge appointed by Barack Obama who’s tougher on Trump and his supporters than other judges – issue a protective order against Trump which would prevent him from discussing any evidence in the case. (Of course, all of Trump’s enemies would still be free to speak about any evidence.) In the past Judge Chutkan has denied requests by Trump’s lawyers to limit what evidence could be shared, have more time to prepare a defense, and other injunctive relief.

And this got me thinking: If Trump’s “coming after” someone is inflammatory enough to motivate lawyers to restrict his First Amendment Right to Free Speech then why didn’t all those Progressive Democrats who actually suggested violence, disruption, and even revolution suffer any consequences? Didn’t their inflammatory words motivate anyone to act? Probably, they’ve got nothing to worry about under America’s Two-tiered Justice System.

So, to put Trump’s rhetoric in context let’s take a look as some “Inflammational Motivational Posters” based on actual quotes made by Democrats: They’re sure to motivate you into doing something at some time to someone. Enjoy!

Inflammational Motivational Posters!
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Nancy Pelosi: Enjoy being a disruptor!

Here’s a thoughtful, motivating quote from the person who called being unemployed and collecting welfare “Funemployment”, who doesn’t support a border wall yet has a wall around one of her three mansions, and represents one of the poorest districts in the country while making millions as House Speaker and owning nine real estate properties. I wonder if her remark was part of the inspiration for the “disruptions” caused by the “Occupy Wall Street” and “Black Lives Matter” insurrectionists who seemed to enjoy the destruction they were doing?

Obama: Bring a gun to a knife fight!

If anyone should know about guns it’s Barack Hussein Obama, nicknamed “Chicago Jesus“: Chicago, a Democrat-run city with some of the most restrictive gun laws in America, traditionally has the nation’s highest number of gun deaths, with most of the deaths caused by black and Hispanic males, most of the guns illegal, and the average age of a shooting victim 17 years old.

Obama: Argue with your enemies and get in their face!

Are you a Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrat who’s bored of living in your (single?) parent’s basement as you spend your most productive days sitting on a pleather couch eating Cheezy Poofs, drinking gallons of caffeine, continually sucking on vapes, and playing online video games as you track followers on your social media accounts while screaming at the sky? Then get motivated by this inflammatory poster, get up off your keister, go outside, get in the face of someone you hate and use feelings, victimization, and intimidation to convince them to agree with you. Why? Because facts, logic, and reason are just too hard.

Obama: Punish those who don't support us!

After Obama won the Democrat nomination for president on June 3rd, 2008 he declared “…this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …” During Obama’s eight-year reign as (p)Resident the oceans actually receded, but his policies made the United States more divided than ever. Perhaps he didn’t punish his enemies enough to “heel” the country.

Biden: Let's start a revolution!

Maybe Biden was channeling a song by The Beatles, or likes his chair spun around while he’s dictating from the Oval Office. Or maybe he actually want to force a “physical revolution“. Based on his demonstrated mental capacity it’s tough to tell.

Democrat Senator Jon Tester says punch Trump in the face!

It isn’t just presidents and vice presidents whose inflammatory words can motivate people towards violence, discrimination, hatred, and destruction in their fight to create a peaceful world: Even the words of a Senator can be both insightful and inciteful. Of course I’m sure Democrat Senator Jon Tester was being rhetorical, right up until someone actually delivers a roundhouse blow to Trump’s jaw…at which point some Liberal will say it was obviously Trump’s fault.

Obama: Biden can f**k things up, which Biden then demonstrates!

Our last Inflammational Poster shows Barack Hussein Obama – America’s “Divider in Chief” who claimed Americans don’t deserve to be free and pushed America “Forward!” towards a single-party, centrally-directed Socialist State – stands next to Joseph Robinette Biden – America’s “most popular president ever” who is making Obama’s dream come true by destroying America’s banking system, economy, energy independence, military strength, and immigration system under the motto “Build Back Better“…along with him personally destroying the English Language.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Patrick Henry, one of America’s Founding Fathers, Lawyer, first US Governor of Virginia, and champion of the Constitution’s First Amendment.

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