Sorry, I Don’t Trust You.

Oops… I don’t mean YOU, dear readers of my humble blog*, I mean those people at General Social Survey who recently announced this disturbing poll result:

“…only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted.”

(read the entire article here, courtesy of…whom I’m a little bit leary of anyway, as they’re owned by IAC Search & Media, who controls “…one of the largest [family of websites] in the world, comprised of more than 150 brands and products.”)

Now, this is usually the part where I’d make a witty remark (like, “There’s only two people I trust: Mom and God, and in that order, because I’ve seen Mom.”), pose a well-considered hypothesis (for example: “Could the increase in distrust be due to attacks on mainstream religion, destruction of the family unit by the “nanny state” or America’s declining economic status, a constant barrage of bad news from the press, the invasion of electronic technology into every aspect of our lives, or some other such thing like that there?”), or even inject an editorial comment on the article (say, like “Did anybody else notice that, since 1972, nearly 8 out of 10 African-Americans “…felt that ‘you can’t be too careful’”, and now it seems our current President of the United States is undermining Anglo-American social, political, and religious institutions in the USA? Just asking, not accusing.”)

But, I’m not going to do any of those things…because, I trust you’ll read the entire article and judge for yourself.

*(well, OK, maybe I don’t trust whoever’s trying to log onto my WordPress account from China…but, I digress…)

Thanks for reading!

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