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It's Taco Tuesday, go grab some hot and spicy tacos!One of my guilty pleasures is visiting Taco Bell on Tuesdays, perhaps for tacos or chicken burritos. And, today, in celebration of the phrase “Taco Tuesday” no longer being trademarked, everyone got a free taco!

That extra taco sure came in handy, as I worked up an appetite creating some deliciously spicy Memeories for you to savor. Enjoy!
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Millions of Illegal Aliens in Texas is fine, but in NYC it's a crisis.

In 2014 Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed two bills essentially turning New York City into a Sanctuary City. During his campaign to become mayor black Democrat candidate Eric Adams said “My mother worked two jobs to provide for the six of us and we had a group of undocumented residents that lived in our community.” Now that over 90,000 illegal aliens have sought sanctuary in America’s largest city – almost 9 million people – Eric Adams admitted they are “a real burden on New Yorkers”, further stating “We have no more room”, “We’re past the breaking point”, and declaring a “humanitarian crisis” costing New York $1 Billion to date: A crisis he’s blamed on a “broken” national immigration system.

Hypocritically, it’s the same Democrat Party that’s enabling hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens across the border every month into Texas, (over 5,500,000 and counting under Joe Biden) by thwarting Texas efforts to stop them. Including, it’s claimed, welding open 114 entry gates in Arizona’s portion of Trump’s nearly-completed border wall. For Democrats, using illegal aliens to increase New York’s population by 1% is a “Crisis!”, but using them to increase Texas’ population by 17% is “Humanitarian”.

CA's Shoplifing Law stops overcrowding (of stores!).

When California voters passed the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (CA-P47)” in 2014 (when Kamala Harris was Attorney General) any theft less than $900 was now just a simple misdemeanor, not a felony. After George Floyd’s death in 2020 California cities like Los Angeles, San Leandro, Stockton, Vellejo, and others defunded their police forces, forcing police to focus on more serious crimes. And in 2021 California’s “Zero Bail” policy released alleged offenders right back out into the street. All of this was done to promote equity, ensure justice, and reduce prison overcrowding. Well, it did reduce overcrowding – not just of prisons, but of stuff in stores.

Laws revived to charge Trump, evidence suppressed to protect Biden.

Perhaps another example of when it comes to Liberal Democrats it isn’t “Justice” it’s “Just Us“: Democrats change the law to retroactively charge one of their enemies while apparently blocking access to evidence which might potentially incriminate one of their friends. ‘nuf ced.

AI - The Future of Ballot Harvesting!

“As we think about teaching people how to use these tools, a lot of it is about ethics and where is the line? Or when we’re talking to a voter, how do we make sure we’re representing the truth? A lot of times, thankfully, our campaigns don’t need to fake something or make an artificial copy of something to show their record.”
- Nick Ahamed, Deputy Executive Director at Priorities USA, America’s largest, most-funded, and Liberal Super PAC.

  • In 2016, after Trump won the election despite Hillary Clinton funding a fake dossier claiming “Russian Collusion”, Democrats and their complicit media started relentlessly attacking Trump with “Fact Checking” and negative news, with Hillary Clinton calling Trump an “illegitimate President
  • In 2020, after expressing concern that election integrity could be compromised, Democrats used mail-in ballots, hackable voting machines, and suspicious vote counting to give Joe Biden the “most votes ever”. After they won, Democrats prosecuted anyone who demanded a recount.
  • In 2023 Democrats are concerned that AI could threaten the 2024 Election. No worries: If the Democrats win they’ll claim AI improved election security; if they lose, they’ll claim AI stole the election.

Vivek Ramaswamy wants to stop funding Israel? NOPE!

After attending Yale Law School with a $90,000 grant from the Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation, former biotech CEO and billionaire Vivek Ramaswamy claims he’s the best candidate for president. Why? Because he’s a political outsider who wants to eliminate the Deep State, place America first, fight “Wokeness”, increase fossil fuel production, reduce regulations, and improve border security.

Now, why would we want to vote for “New Coke”" or “Trump Lite” candidate when we can actually vote for Donald J. Trump? And, Trump would continue to support Israel and Taiwan – Ramaswamy wouldn’t.

Biden says only drink two beers? Fine, as long as they're beer KEGS.

My very first engineering job was at a large corporation whose cafeteria served bottled beer, but with a strict two-beer limit. Which explained why one of my bosses invited me to lunch on his busy days: He knew I didn’t drink beer (or, drink while at work) and it saved them from walking across the street to the local dive bars.

The Party of The People - Democrats funded by China!

Democrat Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign was heavily funded by China. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein’s driver for 20 years – including while she was head of the Senate Intelligence Committee – was a Chinese spy. California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell had “classified” interactions with a Chinese fundraiser and spy named Fang Fang. Democrat Joe Biden received at least $31 Million from China, either directly, or indirectly through his son Hunter. And the Democrat party blocked bills which banned COVID stimulus money from going to Chinese firms or importing goods made in China using slave labor.

Yep…Democrats “The Party of The People“, which seems more and more like “The People’s Democratic Republic of China”.

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