It’s Memeory Time: Presenting a Cavalcade of Crises!

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Surprised he/him pointing at my blogShe/her in red dress is very anxious!Do you have the feeling that everything we face today – the economy, climate, rights, crime, illegal drugs, racism, illegal aliens, “Democracy”, housing, etc. – are all being labeled a “Crisis”? Naturally, the crisis is over something we have too much or too little of, that’s happening too fast or not fast enough, and is will happen, is happening now, or has already happened, because we either didn’t do enough or did too much. And, the crisis always seems worst than the last one but not as worse as the unknown crisis that experts warn is going to come next. It’s enough to make one facepalm while wondering if all those doomsday preppers might be onto something.

So, enjoy this collection of Memeories devoted to celebrating a Cavalcade of Crises!

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Unlike other websites who compile and publish memes created by other people in order to drive traffic add a touch of humor to their site I create almost all the memes I publish and only occasionally publish a meme from someone else. Note: Copyright is claimed on all content I’ve created and not otherwise covered by any third party. You can copy and republish any image but you can’t sell it, can’t modify my website link or logo on the image, and must include attribution.

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Oprah shouts to everyone that SHE gets EVERYTHING!

The easiest way to get through a crisis is to be rich or privileged. Oprah’s the first woman of color to become a billionaire, thanks to the Free Market System and America’s guarantee of Equality and Individual Rights. Today, she’s worth about $2,600,000,000 and owns about 1,000 acres of land in Maui: THAT’S the kind of wealth – and the power and privilege it brings – that not only allows her to fully prepare for an environmental crisis but allegedly to make money from it’s aftermath.

Let's replace whale killing oil rigs with wind turbines that also kill birds!

Speaking of the environment, Man’s interaction with Mother Nature is always a good source for a crisis, real or imagined. Whether it be deforestation, a river on fire, a fake Native American crying about pollution, New Jersey’s toxic waste dumps, depletion of the , the impending Ice Age, plastic and paper straws, the burps & poops of cows, carbon dioxide, and now “dirty” fossil fuels, potentially life-threatening environmental disasters are a great way to panic a population and bend them to your will. And in the case of my Meme, a great way to destroy the World’s whale population. (BTW: Think Electric Vehicles are “clean”? Better read this)

Climate change reduced the bear population from 5K to 39K

Everything can become a crisis, even failed predictions. Al Gore, the Democrat who created a crisis by challenging his 2000 Presidential Election loss to George Bush, told us global warming would result in all the ice melting and oceans rising, creating a crisis (oh, and reduce the number of polar bears). Not only was his prediction wrong but I suspect 39,000 polar bears potentially attacking humans might be it’s own crisis. Just don’t tell Al Gore, the last thing he needs is another undeserved Nobel Prize.

Ice melting by 2015? How about by 2030, or 2040, or 2050 instead?

Ignoring a crisis, especially a fake one, can help reduce the everyday stresses of ordinary living. But not me, no siree, because the crisis that’s “Al Gore” is too good to ignore. His prediction of ice melting by 2015 was completely wrong, but no worries, as Climate Change “Experts” are now predict he might be correct in another 20 to 40 years. No sense disagreeing with the “Settled Sciance” of Doomsday Predictions, otherwise you’ll be labeled a “Denier“.

NM Gov. Grisham's one vote removes everyone's Constitutional Rights

When it comes to creating a Constitutional Crisis the Democrats are experts: They gave us The Civil War, the KKK, the Bargain of 1877, Jim Crow Laws, the “Hanging Chads” of the 2000 Election, ObamaCare, and the Student Loan Bailout. Now Michelle Lujan Grisham, the Democrat Governor of New Mexico who refused a job in the Biden Administration, is helping Biden erode our Rights by using power she doesn’t have to take away the Rights of an entire city. Welcome to her brand of “Democracy”, where only her vote counts.

Dem. Rep. Sathanandan gets a painful lesson in "Karma".

Sometimes a crisis is created intentionally, and sometimes it’s the result of an unintended consequence. In the case of Shivanthi Sathanandan of Minnesota’s (Socialist) Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, it’s difficult to tell: After demanding the Minneapolis Police Department be dismantled for failing “all of us” she was carjacked and assaulted at gunpoint by four young men in front of her young children.

While I’m sorry she was carjacked and injured, and wish her a complete recovery, here are a couple of BASIC FACTS she either didn’t know, forgot, or ignored: First, Law Enforcement isn’t here to protect the innocent, they’re here to protect the suspected criminal from instant retaliation by an angry mob. And second, if laws can’t be enforced and the punishment doesn’t fit the crime then criminals will flourish without fear.

Of course, knowing she’s a Socialist Democrat makes me wonder if this isn’t another a hate crime hoax designed to help hasten the “new infrastructure” she supports. That isn’t just me being cynical, that’s me being Saul Alinksy. Perhaps the Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis should contact the Democrat Governor of New Mexico.

Shut down the USA over a budget is bad, but for COVID is GOOD!

Creating and managing a Federal budget is one of the few things the US Constitution requires government to do, but somehow politicians – especially Democrats – have turned this into a permanent crisis. Those with keen memory will remember when Republicans wouldn’t give Barack Obama his bloated budget in 2013 Obama only shut down public tours of the White House, Capitol Building, and National Parks & Monuments – the rest of his government was “Open for Business”.

When I read "Suddenly Died" I think "Were they vaccinated?"

Nearly everyone’s heard of that old adage “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Rushing out a series of experimental, untested vaccines designed to genetically convince your body you’re infected with COVID-19 and jump start your immune system to create antibodies may have been done with every good intention (or, maybe not), but vaccines aren’t immune to “The Law of Unintended Consequences. A recent medical study concluded during the first three years COVID vaccines were available the vaccines killed 1 out of every 470 people worldwide (17,000,000 people). Of course the risk of dying from the COVID virus is tremendously greater than dying from the vaccines, but the beauty of statistics is that they can change every time there’s new data – and new data is being generated every day.

Biden can't find $6B to protect US Borders but finds $200B for Ukraine's?

Way back in 2014 I wrote an article discussing what $4.2 Billion of American taxpayer money would have bought for Americans if president Obama hadn’t spent it on about 60,000 illegal aliens he allowed into the United States from Mexico. Despite a US Federal Budget that’s $33 TRILLION in debt and ordinary Americans suffering under President Joe Biden’s inflationary economy Biden was still able to find $200 Billion to send to the Ukraine (that’s $600 for each of the 333,287,557 people living in the USA right now). Read my blog post from 2014 and then imagine what $200,000,000,000 could do to help America’s military, infrastructure, poverty, and economy if it was spent in America.

MA Governor Maura Healey solves the homeless crisis in her state!

It’s one thing to create a crisis, but it takes real skill to create a crisis by solving a crisis you created. The border crisis provides a perfect example: When President Trump enforced existing immigration laws and closed the border Democrats claimed he created a “Humanitarian CRISIS!” and declared their “Sanctuary Cities” would gladly accept “undocumented immigrants”. After Joe Biden opened the border and states like Florida and Texas started sending illegal aliens into sanctuary cities those same Democrats now declared their cities have an immigration “CRISIS!”. It’s both clever and hypocritical at the same time…and the hallmark of Liberal Democrats!

Hey Democrats: You Indict, We Unite! (Trump 2024)

Perhaps the best “Permanent Crisis” ever created by man is “Politicians”:
- The 5th Century BC Greek playwright Aristophanes wrote in his play “Plutus” “Look at the orators in our republics; as long as they are poor, both State and People can only praise their uprightness; but once they are fattened on the public funds, they conceive a hatred for justice, plan intrigues against the people and attack the democracy.”
- During the late 1700′s German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote “Divide and rule, the politician cries; Unite and lead, is watchword of the wise.”
– In 1870 James Freeman Clarke wrote “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.”
- And in his 1906 book “The Cynic’s Word Book” Ambrose Bierce defines a Conservative as “A Statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.”

So, as we approach the 2024 Presidential Election, ask yourself: Which candidate has proven themselves to be a true leader, worked to unite the country by reducing economic, social, and racial barriers, focused on “existing evils” (the entrenched Federal Bureaucracy, our dependency on China, etc.), and fought to preserve America’s founding principles for future generations? It’s the man Democrats are indicting….and also creating another crisis.

“Just about anybody can face a crisis. It’s that everyday living that’s rough.”
- Clifford Odets, “The Country Girl – A Play in Three Acts“, 1951

Did you know?

Richard Cloward, Sociologist and SocialistFrances Fox Piven, Sociologist and SocialistBack in 1966, Columbia University Sociology Professor Richard Cloward (left) and his Research Assistant Frances Fox Piven (right) proposed an easy way to end poverty in the United States: Create a crisis by deliberately overloading the Welfare System using “civil rights organizations, militant anti-poverty groups and the poor”, then “solve” the crisis you created by implementing your solution: A Guaranteed Basic Income to everyone, using higher taxes on the rich to redistribute income to the poor.

The best part of this “Cloward-Piven Strategy” is it can be applied to ANY system: Just create a crisis and make sure your solution is the one that gets done. It’s a strategy popular with Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrats.
(BTW: Barack Obama attended Columbia University.)

Thanks for Reading!

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