The Head Donkey’s ‘Exceptional’ Legal Defense Process

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Vintage Democrat Convention Delegate Button, Chicago, ILDid you know the donkey became the Democrat Party’s mascot as a result of the 1828 presidential election? During the election opponents of Democrat and Civil War veteran Andrew Jackson called him a “Jackass” but Jackson proudly stated that like a donkey he was persistent, loyal, and able to carry a heavy load. (Democrats made the donkey their official mascot during the 1870′s.)

However, donkeys can also be single-minded, selfish, stubborn, and smart, as well as constant complainers and (in my opinion) unattractive: Just like some Democrats.

Of course, Joe “Two Scoops” Biden might exhibit some donkey-like qualities: Single-minded? Check! Selfish? Check! Stubborn? Check! Complains? Check! Smart? Not a chance! Unattractive? I’d say “Check!”, but I’m 110% Heterosexual, so I’ll let you decide.

Justice with only one eye blindfolded.Joe Biden, unlike beasts of burden, is subject to America’s Judicial System, and after watching how Joe Biden went from telling the press “You should be looking at Trump!” back in 2020 to telling House Republicans “Lots of luck!” in their attempts to impeach him in 2023 I believe I’ve figured out Joe’s exceptional process to defend himself against an ever-increasing mountain of suspicious evidence suggesting his involvement in bribery, pay-to-play, influence peddling, and extortion schemes.

From what I’ve seen Biden’s legal defense process is “Exceptional” in that every step includes an exception – a “but”, if you will (which reminds me of “butt“, a synonym of which is “ass”, short for “Jackass“, also called a “Donkey“, and the symbol of the Democrat Party…but, I digress ;-) )

The Joe Biden ‘Exceptional’ Legal Defense Process

  The accusations are baseless
    …because no evidence exists.

  Some evidence exists
    …but it’s fake.

  Some evidence might be real
    …but it’s circumstantial.

  Some evidence might be directly related
    …but it’s insignificant.

  Some evidence might be significant
    …but not worth a formal investigation.

  Some evidence might be worth a formal investigation
    …but an investigation would be useless.

  An investigation might be useful
    …but it wouldn’t require calling a Grand Jury.

  A Grand Jury might be required
    …but it wouldn’t result in legal prosecution.

  Legal prosecution might result
    …but it would require wasting a huge amount of money, time, and resources.

  Huge amounts of money, time, and resources might be available
    …but they wouldn’t result in obtaining a guilty verdict.

  A guilty verdict might be obtained
    …but such a verdict would destroy America.

  America might survive a guilty verdict
    …but it would destroy me and my family.

  Me and my family might be just fine,
    …but I was found guilty of
          an insignificant charge
          by a flawed justice system
          in the court of public opinion
          using fake evidence
          because of a personal vendetta against me.

  Me and my family will be just fine
    …but I was framed!

  We need to rise up and protest to defend Democracy and guarantee Justice by working to ensure equity!

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