Poem: “The Anthem of SADS Victims”

The Anthem of SADS Victims
(Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome)
Wear your mask! Vaxxer, Vaxxer, so obsessed,
wore your mask and took your tests
Thermometer says Fever!
You've got COVID! Still got CoVID, every strain,
spike proteins in every vein…
Your veins are loaded!
Yep, you've got COVID! Short of breath at twenty four,
Dr. Fauci, give me more!”
Here's your forever boosters!
COVID Inflamed your Heart! Swollen heart at twenty five,
“thank Moderna I’m alive!”
Vile vial?
Ambulance ride! Heart attack at twenty six,
prayed to Pfizer for a fix.
Vile vial?
You in ICU Vaxxer, Vaxxer, death is lurking,
Doctor says, “That means it’s working.”
Trust the Doctor!
Who's crying now?!? Died of SADS at twenty seven,
all good Vaxxers go to heaven
Here's your harp!
Social Media says you're dead! Website headlines duly noted:
Anti-Vaxxer Dies of CoVID.
Sad person
Oh so sad! Victim’s family’s quite dismayed,
but they don’t feel one bit betrayed
Oh so sad!
It's all good! They all claim, “Its for the better,
Without the vax, she would be deader.”
Less dead is better?
- Anonymous (Modified by The MUSEman and links added)

Additional Reading:

  • COVID vaccine’s contribution to Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome in young men.
  • “Dashboard displays troubling trend of unexplained deaths“- Rice University study based on official CDC data. (Click here to see a plot of the data in a new window)
  • “Grant Whal, sportswriter for U.S. Soccer who shamed unvaccinated people, dies unexpectedly after suddenly collapsing at World Cup match.


Poem: Anonymous
Customization: The MUSEman
Death icon created by srip, from Flaticon.com

When I read "Suddenly Died" I think "Were they vaccinated?"

Thanks for Reading!

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