Solve my Fall Maze for some A-maze-ing Fun!

It’s no secret that I prefer exploring New England in a sports car with the top down on a hot Summer day. But, unlike Montgomery Burns or Bill Gates, I can’t control Summer, so it’s time for Fall: The Season of dying trees, expensive Halloweens, and pumpkin-flavored everything….

…and, of course, Corn Mazes!

In celebration of the Season – and lacking a corn field – I’ve created a maze of my own:

(Click image to view it in a new window)Solve the maze: All Roads Lead to Biden!
Here’s a puzzle that’s both easy and fun: Each of the four entrances eventually leads to a thoroughly lost Joe Biden and his family’s fortune at the center of the maze. Try all four entrances to see which path is the shortest way for The Big Guy to get his 10%!
You can either enlarge the image and try to solve it with your finger (or stylus), or download the maze, print a copy, and solve it the old school way…with paper and pencil.

And don’t forget, any way you choose you lose, as Biden’s the only winner!
Image Files: Download the Maze and the Solution.
PDF Files: Download the Maze and the Solution.

Added Bonus: Find everyone helping Joe Biden through his own Corn Maze!
[ China Spy Balloon, Cool Hunter Biden, Burning Tesla, Crashing F-35 Fighter, Ukraine's President, Biden's Cash, Laid-back Bernie, Abducted Cow, Failed Wind Turbine, and lots of Illegal Aliens! ]
Everyone's helping Joe Biden through his Corn Maze!
Click to enlarge in a new window!

Thanks for Reading!

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