Amazonked: A Wheelchair from Another Dimension!

A friend of mine whose age has caused mobility problems asked if I could recommend an upright walker to improve their situation. A short search on Amazon last Thursday located this interesting listing:

WINLOVE upright rollator walker

It wasn’t just interesting for it’s relatively low price and bright color but also in its’ unique ability to be adjusted: Take a look at their descriptions and discover how it disobeys mathematics.

(click each image to enlarge it in a new window)
WINLOVE upright rollator isn't adjustable?!?


WINLOVE upright rollator lack of adjustability?!?

Notice the Minimum Height of the handles is both identical to and greater than the Maximum Height of the handles. (For those bad at math and/or live in Rio Linda, California the Maximum should always be equal to or greater than the Minimum).

Perhaps China’s children mining polysilicon for solar collectors and non-conforming Muslims in reeducation labor camps are be too busy making a living and trying to stay alive to proofread ad copy for a rollator (or, it could also be a problem with converting Millimeters to Inches…but I digress ;-) )

After reading the description and product reviews I suspect there’s nothing wrong with the product itself; in fact I’m considering this for my friend. Still, it’s another fine example of being “Amazonked!”

Thanks for Reading!

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