It’s (Memeory) Time to Fall into Fall

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When it comes to the Seasons, and to paraphrase a popular phrase “Fall is dead to me”: Summer’s gone, baseball’s gone, beaches and bikinis are gone, the sports car’s gone (into storage), daylight’s gone, and the leaves have left. Why, we even give symbolic offerings to the Dead to keep them in their place lest they make matters worse by tricking us.

There are those who love the sights, smells, and sounds of Fall, but not me (although, I do like turkey, stuffing, and squash pie…but, I digress ;-) ): My thoughts will be of Spring, because not only is Fall dead to me but Winter’s become unbearable now that it’s apparently resulting White Privilege brought on by Climate Change created by the industrialization of Fossil Fuels by heterosexual capitalistic greedy White Supremacists. SMH.

Unlike other websites who compile and publish memes created by other people in order to drive traffic add a touch of humor to their site I create almost all the memes I publish and only occasionally publish a meme from someone else. Note: Copyright is claimed on all content I’ve created and not otherwise covered by any third party. You can copy and republish any image but you can’t sell it, can’t modify my website link or logo on the image, and must include attribution.

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Joe Biden's Favorite Season is "Fall".

If there was ever a Poster Boy for Fall it’s the career politician who did the least amount of campaigning and won the least number of counties yet got the most number of votes in the most secure election in history. And we know it was the “most secure” because the people whose jobs depend on making it secure told us it was, so we can “Trust the Science”. Let’s go Brandon!

Biden Beats Abbas at Being Bad? Yep.

Add this sobering fact to Joe Biden’s ever-increasing List of Failures: Joe Biden is ranked higher in making his people’s lives worse than Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose people include a terrorist group fighting for Israel’s destruction. Makes me wonder how popular these two leaders would be if the opinion of Israelis were polled.
FYI: For more info on poll numbers Click Here for Biden and Click Here for Abbas.

Only War gets all the money it needs.
“This Restaurant Serves Only One Person
Artist: Yuliy Ganf

No need to explain this editorial cartoon, its’ message is clear. This caricature originally appeared in the 1953 Soviet magazine Krokodil (Юлий Ганф, or “Crocodile”). Crocodile Magazine, a precursor to satirical magazines in the USA such as The National Lampoon (Warning! Video NSFW) and Spy, was published in the Soviet Union from 1922 to 2008.

Our War for Independence didn't slaughter innocent people.

America’s War for Independence against tyrannical British rule may have started because Colonists were not allowed to vote and were being taxed to death, but it didn’t become a shooting war until the British sent troops to seize the Colonists’ guns at Lexington and Concord. And when the war started the only targets were Redcoats, the Union Jack, and their possessions.

For radical Islamic Palestinians their “War for Independence” is clearly Israel’s fault: It’s Israel who wants to defend herself by accidentally killing a maze of underground tunnels radical Islamists are using to hide, stockpile weapons, and bring terror to Israel, Israel’s the aggressor for using their military to locate and rescue innocent hostages and destroy terrorists, and Jews who are the infidels. It’s just that simple… to radical Islamists.

Mass Shootings are BAD! (unless it's in Chicago)

For Liberal Democrats seeking to destroy the Constitution’s Second Amendment gun shootings aren’t the fault of the shooter’s upbringing, education, role models, inculcation, economic situation, addictions, friends, experiences, underlying mental illness, or a number of other reasons… it’s only the gun’s fault. Unless the “gun shooting” takes place in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philly, New York City, Los Angeles, and others: Then those same voices are curiously silent. If Liberal Democrats really want to control guns they should lead by example and seize all the guns in one of the cities they rule, like Chicago. Or perhaps they’re smart enough to remember what happened to the British.

Biden's the only mental patient in a secure facility.

Back in the day Retarded Mentally Ill Mentally Challenged people were kept in secure institutions treatment facilities where they could receive care, rehabilitation, and supervision. That all changed when the 1975 movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” changed people’s mental perception of mental health care: Now the mentally challenged might live in the house next door or as homeless on the streets, so it’s ironic that an apparently mentally-challenged president is living in one of the most secure facilities on Earth.

Women's panties proves Climate Change is real.

I didn’t create this meme but added the clever caption. A smart Engineer or Scientist knows that one data point is an Anomaly, two are a Trend, three is a Correlation, four are a Theory, and there are never enough data points for Proof. Obviously, the chart above has only one data point per decade, so I’ll need to personally go out and obtain more “data points” until I have proof ;-)

Bird points towards clean car

It’s known that the intelligence of some bird species rivals or exceeds that of humans. All’s I know is no matter how dumb birds are they always seem smart enough to “decorate” my car almost immediately after I’ve washed or waxed it, SMH. Note the bird who’s pointing might be a Pinyon Jay, but I’m only an expert at giving birds, not identifying them.

Remember when Bill Clinton and the Democrats pushed for more “affordable housing”, arguing that if more families owned homes they’d have more pride, motivation, and responsibility? And how they used Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to subsidize mortgages? And how some Democrats (many of color) called Republicans “Racist!” for claiming a housing crisis was coming? And how the housing market collapsed in 2008? Well, Joe Biden’s inflationary spending spree is having the opposite effect: Making it impossible to finance a starter home or refinance an existing one. And what’s the Democrats’ solution? Why, more “affordable housing” and Government subsidies. THAT should fix it… or maybe not.

San Francisco McDonald's Closes after 30 years.

Economists know about “The Big Mac Index“: The more successful a country the more it costs to buy a Big Mac. You know San Francisco is in economic decline when even a McDonald’s restaurant closes after 30 years. And the timing couldn’t be worse: Now where will US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen take China’s Vice Premier He Lifeng to lunch when they meet in San Francisco? (My guess they’ll make a run to Taco Bell, where they can discuss how China uses Mexico to smuggle fentanyl into America).

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