German Police say Delete this Video…or Else!

Back in September, 2023, in Lübeck, Germany four students allegedly engaged in an unprovoked attack on two boys at a school’s sporting event. After the event a fight broke out in the city’s downtown, where various perpetrators, mostly immigrants, repeatedly kicked one of the attackers (a 19-year-old) in the head, and used a trash can and metal pipe as weapons to threaten others. Despite ten patrol cars at the scene no arrests were make. The fight was presumed to be in retaliation for the altercation at the school.

After video of the brawl went viral on social media the Lübeck Police Department announced “…under no circumstances distribute or share it further. This could result in criminal offenses.”, later stating

“We want to prevent uninvolved people from being confronted with a depiction of violence that they do not want to see. We therefore want to limit the spread of the video as much as possible.”
Maik Seidel, Lübeck Police Spokesperson, as quoted by BILD

In one sentence – in fact, only a portion of it – Mr. Seidel addresses why the United States Constitution not only guarantees Freedom of Speech but makes it America’s First Amendment: With all due respect, who is he to judge (or, to announce, if told by his bosses) what an individual does or doesn’t want to see?

It is a basic human right so important – and only guaranteed in America – that I’ll translate the sentence for the German-speaking audience:

In einem Satz – tatsächlich nur einem Teil davon – geht Herr Seidel darauf ein, warum die Verfassung der Vereinigten Staaten nicht nur die Meinungsfreiheit garantiert, sondern sie auch zum ersten Verfassungszusatz Amerikas macht: Bei allem gebotenen Respekt, über wen soll er urteilen (oder auf Befehl seiner Vorgesetzten bekannt zu geben) was will eine Person sehen oder nicht?

To view “a depiction of violence” click here.Migrant man in Lubeck, Germany attacks bystanders with trash can.
Um „eine Darstellung von Gewalt“ anzusehen, klicken Sie hier.

Um mehr über den Vorfall zu erfahren klicken Sie hier.
To read more about the incident (in English) click here.

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