Memeory Time? Nope, it’s a Monday Morning Cartoon!

People who know me know I love Warner Brothers “Looney Tunes” cartoons from the 1930′s through the late 1950′s: While not as innovative as cartoons from Paramount’s Max Fleischer or as visually sophisticated as MGM’s (the best cartoons of the Golden Age), Warner’s animators took a diverse cast of characters, combined them with action, slapstick comedy, scripts full of clever double entendres, and a disregard for the Laws of Physics, and presented them in an efficient and timeless animation style.

So, to start off your Monday Morning of a holiday week on the proper foot here’s a vintage Warner Brothers Cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam and a stubborn camel, taking place in a setting sure to rattle the sensitivities of politically-correct Liberal Snowflakes and Hare Trigger radical Islamists… Enjoy!

Added Bonus!
One of the links in this post leads to another cartoon: It’s where we meet Yosemite Sam for the first time and hear Bugs sing…

“Peeping through the knothole of Grandpa’s wooden leg
Who’ll wind the clock when I am gone?
Go get the ax, there’s a flea on Lizzie’s hair,
For his boy’s best friend is his Mother!

Peeping through the knothole of Grandpa’s wooden leg
Why do they build the shore so near the ocean?…”

That’s All Folks!
(oops… Thanks for Reading! ;-) )

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