Let’s Sing! Disney’s Woke Wish Upon a Star

Back in 1940 the Walt Disney Company released “Pinocchio”, an adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s 1883 story “The Adventures of Pinocchio” and Disney’s second full-length animated feature. The story is about a marionette boy carved from wood who discovers after his transformation into a living puppet that becoming a real human boy is quite the challenge. The movie open with Jiminy Cricket, playing both narrator and Pinocchio’s conscience, describing the power of dreams and singing the now-classic song “When you wish Upon a Star”.

The song was so popular that Disney worked the song into their 1958 TV Special “From All of Us to All of You” celebrating the true meaning of Christmas:

However, during Bob Chapek’s reign as Disney’s CEO from 2020-2023, the company transitioned from providing entertainment designed to appeal to the masses and grounded in wholesome family values to infusing “Wokeness” and Cancel Culture into their entertainment empire. Whether this was done to drive a socio-political agenda or as an effort to remain relevant is unclear, but Chopek’s focus on Wokeness resulted in $123 Billion in losses during 2022 alone, as well as Bob losing his job (albeit with a $20 Million Golden Parachute).

Disney’s now back under the executive control of former CEO Bob Iger, who’s admitted that “Wokeness” hurt Disney’s profitability and promised to return to Disney’s roots and focus on quality storytelling.

So, while we wait to see if Mr. Iger can make his dream to bring Disney back to its’ former glory come true, let’s commemorate Bob Chopek’s brief tenure by singing a more modern, more relevant version of Jiminy Cricket’s classic tune:

“When you make your Products Woke”
(sung to the tune “When you Wish Upon a Star”)
(All images courtesy of Disneyclips)
Jiminy Cricket makes a point

When you make your products Woke
Don’t worry ’bout going broke
All those kids your heart desires
Will come to you

Jiminy Cricket snickers!

If grooming is in your dreams
No agenda’s too extreme
When it’s used to make kids Woke
Your dreams come true

Pinocchio Shrugs[CHORUS]
Kids are blind
They will trust those who love
To fulfill
Perverted longings

Jiminy Cricket is your conscience now!

As your brainwashing gets through
Children start to obey you
When you make your products Woke
Your schemes come true

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