WOT? It’s Taco THURSDAY Memeory Time?!?

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It's MY Taco Bell Crest Uniforms #3818 hat, circa 1995!Ordinarily I’d write it’s Taco Tuesday and time for Memeories, but a fetchingly feminine fancier of a frisky feline suggested I postpone my little guilty pleasure until today.

What won’t be postponed is this humorous anecdote:

Back in the day – before the Government used fear, uncertainty and doubt to convince us the only way to survive the COVID-19 Eldemic was to wear questionably effective masks, distance yourself from society, and hide in your shell – the dining area in fast-food outlets around my workplace was busy all day. Retired people sitting around drinking morning coffee as they reminisce, the lunch crowd escaping the office to grab a quick bite, kids stopping by after school to socialize, etc.

One fun thing I’d do is when asked at the counter to give a name for my order I’d say “Barack Obama”, which drew a laugh from the staff as I look nothing like him. But, the larger laugh was sitting in the back of the room and watching all the customers looking around like prairie dogs as the employee called out “Barack Obama” when my order was ready. As if Michelle “Big Mike” Obama would let Barack get anywhere near a fast-food place. Fast food is for real, manly, can-do men with busy schedules trying to restore America to Greatness! ;-)

BTW: That’s a photo of my authentic Taco Bell hat (from 1995 ;-)

Unlike other websites who compile and publish memes created by other people in order to drive traffic add a touch of humor to their site I create almost all the memes I publish and only occasionally publish a meme from someone else. Note: Copyright is claimed on all content I’ve created and not otherwise covered by any third party. You can copy and republish any image but you can’t sell it, can’t modify my website link or logo on the image, and must include attribution.

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The warming tray is a burger's enemy! ;-)

While I’m on the subject of Fast Food McDonald’s has announced they’re introducing 50 improvements to their hamburgers to make them juicier and tastier. I’m curious to see how that works out but in the meantime here’s MY secret for making a hamburger juicier and tastier: Make them yourself from fresh meat, don’t let the patty sit around in a warming tray, add your own seasonings and condiments, and save half the cost.

Democrat Bob Menendez owns stolen gold? Really?!?

In these times of rising prices and economic uncertainty what’s a US Senator going to do when his meager $174,000 per year salary plus generous benefits just isn’t enough? Apparently, accept bribes of gold, cash, home mortgage payments, money for working a “phantom job” and even a luxury vehicle, according to the FBI. And now we discover at least some of the gold he received was stolen. Way to go, Bob! Part of me is jealous of your chutzpah, and the other part isn’t the least bit surprised a politician could be involved in influence-peddling.

Ryan Reynolds makes $300M, sends me a gift.

It’s the Christmas Season once again, and I recently received my first gift: A phone ornament made from cardboard, courtesy of Mint Mobile’s owner and Hollywood celebrity Ryan Reynolds. Thank for the thoughtful gift, Ryan, and “Merry Christmas!” to you and Yours! (although, a nice new free phone would be even better ;-) )

Create your band name the easy way!

Let’s see… as “The MUSEman” the name of MY Heavy Metal Band would be “Witches Tendencies”: That’s a nice name, but if I used the initials of my actual name it would be much better and far more appropriate. Just saying. I’m also saying I didn’t create this meme, and kudos to eatliver.com for their creativity.

Added Bonus! If you’d like to know your Star Wars character name here’s one way to find out. And, if you dream of acting in Adult Movies 😲 then simply use your middle name as your first name and the street you grew up on as your last name… and, keep dreaming!

Biden only protects other countries' borders?

It’s no secret Joe Biden is allowing our Southern Border to be overwhelmed by illegal aliens, with he and his Democrat colleagues unable to provide $6 Billion to complete the border wall but fully able to send $160 Billion of taxpayer money to defend The Ukraine’s border (I even created a meme about it). Now Republicans want to send $14.5 Billion to defend Israel, but Democrats don’t like Republicans tying that aid to increased protection of America’s border. Why? Because it’s also no secret Democrats want an open border with amnesty for most of America’s illegal aliens and a path for them to become American Citizens.

Kermit ponders about what is "Rac!st"

The popular expression is “It’s a dog’s life.”, but what if it were a frog’s life? Staying cool in a pool, sunning on a rock, catching flies at your leisure, and occasionally being kissed by someone looking to or marry a Prince. And even, perhaps, to ponder on one of the most popular accusations made by Progressive Liberals.

AOC fears Gynocologists but not Surgeons?

Not surprisingly (at least not to me), Progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns Congress that young girl athletes will be subjected to gynecological examination by doctors to be sure they aren’t actually young boys but doesn’t mind supporting a group advocating sex-change surgery for kids. If you don’t find this meme particularly funny then perhaps one of these hundreds of other memes about the intellectual acumen of Sandy the dancing bartender who graduated Cum Laude from Boston University to become a US Representative from New York’s 14th Congressional District might bring a smile to your face.

Biden falls...and so does his Christmas tree!

We already know Joe Biden’s favorite Season must be Fall. Now, in addition to America’s economy, credibility, reputation, stock prices, credit rating, food supplies, bank accounts, oil reserves and Biden’s Approval Rating all falling during Biden’s presidency we can add the National Christmas Tree. It’s said the tree fell down due to strong winds, although my God-fearing friend might suggest another explanation.

What is YOUR Favorite Joe Biden?

Joe Biden’s spent his entire adult working career as either a politician or professor so he’s bound to have a few accomplishments he’s known for. If you’re a Joe Biden supporter why not choose your favorite Joe Biden Accomplishment from this handy meme, courtesy of some unknown person’s creativity? (in fact, someone should update this meme with some of Joe’s accomplishments as America’s (p)Resident…but, I digress!)

Ryan Reynolds makes me want to drink!

I’m a big fan of the Free Market system, where each person gets to “reap what they sow“. So, while my meme is humorous I applaud Ryan Reynolds, a successful actor, producer, and entrepreneur… perhaps as I enjoy a drink or two ;-)

I'm busy right now, please offend yourself. Thanks!

Well, that’s enough Memeories for now, as I’ve got a few other things to do (including lunch with that fetchingly feminine fancier of a frisky feline, if she’s faithful to her promise). So, feel free to offend yourself until our next trip down Memeory Lane!

Thanks for Reading!

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