Now Presenting: The Green Gift You’ll Grow to Hate!

It’s New! It’s Green! It’s a BLAST! It’s…


Just in time for the Holidays it’s the all-new CHI-Achmed!

It's New, it's Green, it's's "CHI-Achmed!"
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Now Achmed, the Middle East’s most notorious trouble-making religious terrorist, becomes the latest way to grow your Chia plant! It’s so easy, so simple, and bound to make a lasting impression wherever it appears. Just dunk Achmed’s head into water, decorate it with the seeds, and watch it grow! Plant your seeds in one of four different, trendy styles, make up your own style, or leave Achmed’s balaclava-clad radical Islamic head alone:

How will YOU decorate your CHI-Achmed? Many hairdo's to choose!
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No matter what style you choose CHI-Achmed will make a great conversation piece this Holiday Season as you gather with family, friends, and loved ones!

Each package includes:

• a handmade, distinctive bust of Achmed the Terrorist,
• inspiring and decorative Hamas headband,
• enough seeds for three plantings (try 3 different styles!),
• a handy drip trap to keep water from flooding your tunnels, and
• some C4 and online detonator app to ensure any Holiday party is a BLAST!

So, this Holiday Season impress both your friends and Green New Dealsupporters by ordering your CHI-Achmed TODAY! Don’t delay, they’re going faster than Middle East terrorists going to meet their 72 Virgins!

Happy Holidays to everyone, and remember, “Allahu Akbar!”

(…and by “Allahu” I mean Almighty God in Heaven, Father of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was crucified and died for our sins. BTW, if you’re a follower of Islam and offended by this product know that ” this form of satire is allowed under Islam.)

Thanks for Reading!

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