Happy New Year! Select what’s in Store for 2024!

Happy New Year! Be sure to tell those Spoiled Youth!

Since posting my first blog entry on October 19, 2011 I’ve occasionally written a post for the arrival of the New Year where I’ve talked about Parties, Champagne Bubbles, Dire Predictions, and Presidential Performance.

But this year, rather than rely on Mr. Predicto or The Great Zoltar to divine the future I’ll simply enjoy a refreshing mimosa and let you decide what’s in store for 2024.

Make Your OWN Prediction for 2024!
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It's a solid THUMBS UP!
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2024 is going to be even better…
…than a tweaked-out cat riding a glitter-covered Unicorn who’s farting bubblegum-scented rainbows as they fly over a Planet Earth where everything’s new, Green, shiny and clean, and everyone’s polite, peaceful, helpful and happy!
It's be No. 1, according to my Middle Finger!
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There’s really nothing I can do about 2024…
…other than try to live my life the best way I know how. It really doesn’t matter what happens in 2024 because I’m either (1) part of the rich and powerful elites, (2) living off taxpayer-funded welfare, (3) hiding from the Feds in the underground economy, (4) always drunk or high, (5) legally overmedicated, (6) completely apathetic, or (7) fully prepared for armageddeon. So, here’s my salute to 2024! ;-)
It's THUMBS DOWN for 2024!
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2024 is going to be worse than 2023…
…as we watch America’s economy, financial institutions, real estate market, food chain, political system, rule of law, military and cities all collapse while China takes over the world, violence decimates the population, and survivors are forced to live in their electric cars and eat bugs.

As for New Year’s Resolutions I’ve only made one: I resolve not to make any more News Year’s Resolutions. (Finally, a resolution I know I can keep!)

Thanks for Reading!

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