A Song Green Day would Refuse to Play

On December 31, 2023, right after the Green Bay Packers lit up the Minnesota Vikings 33-10, all the big screen TVs at my local sports bar switched to “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on ABC to show New York City, Los Angeles, and Puerto Rico light up the night for 2024.

And as I enjoyed some complimentary pizza slices, my favorite libation, and various patrons in the bar, the punk rock band Green Day played “American Idiot” – the hit song which made them a commercial success – with one small change to the song’s lyrics attempted to “play” Conservatives.

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Not to brag guys, but I remember the early days of Punk Rock when dancers weren’t sure they’d emerge from the mosh pit with all their bones intact or be caught by the crowd as they dove off the stage. And attending your October, 1997 show at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT where I was impressed with both your stage concert and my attractive date (one might say we had the time of our lives).

Now I admire and respect the fact you’ve used your talent, motivation, hard work and Capitalism over the last 36 years to become successful, accomplishedand filthy rich: Congratulations, you earned it.

Fact: Melting temp of Greeen Day is MAGAAnd using a national broadcast to sneak in a New Year’s Eve attack on 74,222,960 Americans during an election year in an attempt to troll Conservatives and Trump Supporters was a marketing masterstroke – it keeps an aging band rich enough to retire right now from entering the twilight of their career playing off the big stage. It was subtle – not like a “wardrobe malfunction“, questionable plastic surgery, or playing with knives.

But if you’re going to why change only a line or two of the lyrics? Why not change all the lyrics and transform the entire song into a political statement? That’s what I’d do if I were in your (probably very expensive) shoes and had even a smidgen of your talent.

Not wanting to waste a good blog posting, I’ve re-written ALL your lyrics so that even the most idiotic “American Idiot” would understand where I stand. No need to thank me guys, I’m sure you’d never sing this version even if I triple-dog-dared you. (However, if you’d like to sing it kindly contact me first – I claim Copyright on my version as a Derivative Work and would rather receive a royalty than a surprise on New Year’s Eve 2024 ;-) )

Idiots Controlled by the Media UNITE!
(based on an image created by Freepik.com)

“American Idiot (A MAGA-nificent Rewrite)”
(sung to the tune “American Idiot” by Green Day)

[Verse 1]

I wanna be an American idiot
Wanna be trained by the Liberal Media
Can you hear the sound of mass hysteria
From all the brainwashed sheep of America?


Welcome to America’s division
Done by Liberals with ruthless precision
Where everything’s reported as okay
Unless it’s part of M-A-G-A
We’re the ones who’re meant to follow
The Liberals forcing Socialism tomorrow

[Verse 2]

Well, today I’m the idiot, America
I’m a shill for the Liberal’s agenda
Now everyone embrace idiocracy
As Socialism ends our Democracy


Welcome to a new kind of control
Infecting the idiot’s very soul
Where everything’s reported as okay
While America continues its’ ugly decay
We’re the ones brainwashed to follow
The Liberals ruling us tomorrow

[Guitar Solo]


I want it now, I must confess
A nation controlled by the Liberal press
Deliberately causing mass hysteria
Among the idiots of America


Welcome to your subjugation
Caused by constant alienation
By news where nothing is okay
Until the Liberals get their way
With their agenda we’ll have to follow
‘cuz we’re too brain dead to argue

Note: Original version of “American Idiot” written by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Tré Cool and Copyright © WEA International Inc. & Reprise Records. Original version is the title track from Green Day’s 2004 album “American Idiot”.

Did you know? During Donald Trump’s Presidency the average American’s income was the highest ever recorded, America became more diverse and multicultural, the rich “1-Percenters” paid more of their fair share in taxes, and the Nation’s economy was booming. Could that be why a rich, successful band like Green Day is “not a part of the MAGA agenda“?

Thanks for Reading!

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