Just Released: Biden’s 2024 Campaign Calendar!

On January 6th, 2024 Joseph Robinette Biden, the oldest person ever selected president, spoke at Valley Forge, Virginia. General Washington and his Continental Army made their winter camp at Valley Forge after losing the Battle of Brandywine Creek on September 11, 1777 to the British Army, allowing the British to capture and occupy the city of Philadelphia, PA, the location of America’s Continental Congress.

Biden’s speech at this historic site (read it here) is the first speech of his 2024 (p)Residential Re-selection Campaign. And, with no real Presidential accomplishments to brag about Joe Biden’s speech focused on the only thing he could attempt to sell to the American Voter – FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT – by talking about January 6th, 2021 protest at the Nation’s Capitol, where American Citizens practiced their First Amendment Rights to Speak Freely, Assemble, and to peacefully petition their Government and air their grievances.

As a service to my readers I’ve managed to locate Biden’s 2024 Campaign Calendar, where you can keep track of the date and subject of every speech Joe Biden will deliver during his bid to continue being America’s Oldest Current President:

(click on the image to open a much larger version in a new window)

It's the Biden 2024 Campaign Calendar!

How to use the Biden 2024 Campaign Calendar

  1. Use the calendar to mark the date of every Joe Biden Campaign Speech.
  2. The Subject of every Joe Biden Speech is already shown on the Calendar.
  3. If Donald J. Trump is elected President on November 5th, 2024 then January 6th continues until Trump leaves office.
  4. If Joe Biden is re-selected president on November 5th, 2024 then the calendar reverts back to its’ proper format on November 6th, 2024 as shown on the calendar.

Thanks for Reading!

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