My “Pipe Dream” Comes True…AGAIN!

I like playing “flowing pipe” games, where the object is to build a continuous pipe from pieces provided by the game to allow water to flow over some distance or to some destination, with the difficulty increasing as you complete each level.

Back In 1989 I played LucasArts’ “Pipe Dream” for the Macintosh, when that was discontinued I discovered MacPipes, and when I upgraded to Mac OSX the game Flood Control (available as part of this CD) - stepped in to fill the void and continue satisfying my desire to play this game on my Apple computers.

Over ten years ago (!) I wrote about how my “Pipe Dream” came true: I completed a level in the game “Flood Control” where the pipe filled every single space on the game board..

Well, just like the absent-minded Mr. Magoo, I’ve “done it again“, this time playing “Pipe Puzzle”, an excellent re-creation of the classic LucasArts game and one of a number of arcade games and other software written by Brianna Rainey:

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My "Pipe Dream" comes true...again!

Once again a confluence of the game’s algorithm, my skill, and Lady Luck brought a smile to my face. Now, let’s see if I can take less than 10 years to do it a third time ;-)

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Thanks for reading! (and, happy gaming!)

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