Did Uncle Sam Raise Lazarus’ J6 Truth from the Dead?

“I felt nothing I did would be enough.”
  David Lazarus, U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent,
testifying in court about the J6 People’s Protest at the Nation’s Capitol

It seems now perhaps David Lazarus may have “done enough” after all. Lazarus, a person of color, U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent, and the Lead Agent on Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s security detail, may have lied under oath in court during a court trial which convicted five members of The Oath Keepers of Seditious Conspiracy on January 6th, 2021.

Watch this analysis of government surveillance video from the J6 People’s Protest
and decide for yourself if one person can be in two places at once…
or even at the place they claimed to be:

I’m not sure if the sworn testimony given by Agent Lazarus about The Oath Keepers is true – only he and God know – but this statement by him sure is true:

“Lives and careers have been ruined and will never return to normal.”
  David Lazarus, U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent, during his Victim Impact Statement in Federal Court

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