Vintage Propaganda for Today’s Truths (No. 3)

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Propaganda can be very effective when trying to instruct and motivate a population to achieve your goals. Propaganda as art typically caricatures an opponent in a simple, evil manner, exaggerating their features and focusing on a potential danger they posewritten or spoken propaganda casts everything the opponent does in a negative, threatening light. Those working to stop the opponent are portrayed as patriotic, hard-working and heroic, motivated to sacrifice and work until the opponent is defeated.

Propaganda has always been with us and continues today, whether subtly included in Advertising and Marketing, revealed as electronic Censorship by Government and Social Media, or incorporated into memes, text messages, and “News” by the Liberal Press and anyone trying to advance an agenda.

And I thought: What if World War II and Cold War Propaganda posters were reimagined for today’s topics? What would they look like?

Presenting the Third in a Series of
Vintage 2024 Election Season Propaganda Posters

“Your One Defense Against Illegal Aliens”Build your own border's EASY!
(click here to see the original 1959 Civil Defense poster)

On Sunday night (when no one’s watching the news) the Democrat-controlled Senate released their proposed $118,000,000,000 (that’s $188 BILLION) “Bipartisan” Immigration Bill, with a vote on the bill expected Wednesday – it’s the perfect time to release my latest Propaganda Poster for Today’s Truths”!

Back in 2006 Senator Joe Biden supported 700 miles of border wall and punishing businesses that hire illegal aliens, saying “unless you do those two things all the rest is all window dressing.”

Of course Joe Biden – the same man who said back in 1993

“young people…born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because…they literally have not been socialized…will become the predators 15 years from now.”

…probably supported a border wall and tighter immigration enforcement to keep his job as a Senator. But to become president Joe promised to stop construction of the border wall, let illegal aliens into the USA rather than holding them in Mexico for background checks, and allow illegal aliens to obtain legal status even if they entered the USA just to collect welfare: All of which he did by himself as president, stating it would help America “have a fair, orderly, and humane legal immigration system”. And the result? A border out of control, with record numbers of illegals pouring into the USA.

And, about that “Immigration Bill”, only $20 Billion of the $118 BILLION actually goes to protecting America’s borders: $60 Billion goes to fighting the war in The Ukraine, and $10 billion goes to the Gaza Strip. Looks like it’s time to order those border wall plans from your local Civilian Defender! ;-)

(Click to see original image)Background: My poster was modified from one created and published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1959, with the original poster showing how easy it is for a family to construct their own Atomic War Fallout Shelter using plans available from Uncle Sam. (Note my version is claimed as a Derivative Work, please see my Legal Notice regarding Copyright and Use.)

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