It’s “All or Nothing at All”, Hamas Style!

Hamas wants it all NOW!A recent post by Ed Morrissey over at, titled “Hamas: We Want It All, or Nothing … Still“, discusses a report by The Times of Israel that the Radical Islamic Group Hamas has rejected a hostage release deal because it doesn’t meet the terrorist group’s demands.

And what is Hamas demanding?

A “comprehensive and complete ceasefire, and ending the aggression against our people, and guaranteeing relief, shelter, [and] reconstruction, [and] lifting the blockade of the Gaza Strip, and completing a prisoner exchange”.

Oh, is that all? I presume once the hostages are exchanged (regardless of circumstance) Hamas and the Palestinian Authority also want to remain in power to oversee Gaza’s relief, rebuilding and economy… and hope the world forgets their control of the Gaza allowed them to fund and build a network of underground tunnels, arm themselves, indoctrinate their youth, and then invade Israel. Yep, Hamas sounds like a spoiled child who wants two scoops of ice cream after throwing their dinner on the floor and refusing to apologize while pounding their fists on the table and screaming.

Ed’s headline reminded my of that classic love song by Frank Sinatra, “All, or Nothing at All“: It’s the very first song Sinatra ever recorded (in August, 1939 with the Harry James Orchestra) and marked the beginning of his 40-year entertainment career.

And as I’m more interested in snarky posts than pontificating and bloviating on the geopolitical negotiations between Muslims and their sworn enemy I imagined a young West Bank crooner and devoted Islamic Terrorist, Fahrook Hamastra singing his version of Sinatra’s popular song.

All Or Nothing At All
(Hamas version, as sung by West Bank crooner Fahrook Hamastra)

Achmed Hamastra sings!All, or nothing at all
Half a land never appealed to me
Israel never will yield to me
So I’d rather, rather have no Jews at all

I said all, or nothing at all
Kyll all Jooz, there is no in between
They all live and thrive on land that is Palestin’
That’s why Israel shouldn’t exist at all

It's Hamas propaganda!Hey, please young kids hear the words that I speak
Don’t deny Israel just wants to have it all
The Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, West Bank’s peaks
Let’s pray “Inshallah” for Zion’s destruction and fall

And if they fell, it would be great for us all
We would scream “Allahu Akbar!” don’t you know
Palestine would be free of their Zionist foe
‘Cuz it’s all, all or nothing at all
(All, or nothing at all)

My suggestion to Hamas? Release your Israeli hostages before it isn’t just the Israeli Military’s “Operation Iron Swords” you should worry about… oops, it might already be too late.

Added Bonus!
Click on the image below to hear Sinatra sing
what’s considered the best version of “All or Nothing at All”:
Click to hear Frank sing the song!

Thanks for Reading!

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