Vintage Propaganda for Today’s Truths (No. 4 & 5)

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Propaganda can be very effective when trying to instruct and motivate a population to achieve your goals. Propaganda as art typically caricatures an opponent in a simple, evil manner, exaggerating their features and focusing on a potential danger they posewritten or spoken propaganda casts everything the opponent does in a negative, threatening light. Those working to stop the opponent are portrayed as patriotic, hard-working and heroic, motivated to sacrifice and work until the opponent is defeated.

Propaganda has always been with us and continues today, whether subtly included in Advertising and Marketing, revealed as electronic Censorship by Government and Social Media, or incorporated into memes, text messages, and “News” by the Liberal Press and anyone trying to advance an agenda.

And I thought: What if World War II and Cold War Propaganda posters were reimagined for today’s topics? What would they look like?

Presenting the Fourth in a Series of
Vintage 2024 Election Season Propaganda Posters

“Peace • Prosperity • TRUMP”
Peace - Properity - Trump
(click here to see the original 1950s Eisenhower Campaign license plate)

Donald J. Trump received his education in business and economics, and played politics only as a businessman: He had no ambitions to become a politician. It was only when he saw America’s strength, prestige, economy, founding principles, and society being eroded did he enter the political arena. Dwight D. Eisenhower, who as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces during World War II proved himself to be not only a brilliant military general by winning the war in Europe, but also an excellent post-war statesman and diplomat, never considered running for office or even voting. That is, until the 1952 election, where “Ike” was voted America’s 34th President in a landslide and then re-elected in 1956 after fighting for Peace in Korea and building a prosperous economy for Americans. Two men who were not just great but had greatness thrust upon them and then proved just how great they were. Perhaps someone will turn my Trump license plate into an actual product.

Presenting the Fifth in a Series of
Vintage 2024 Election Season Propaganda Posters

“Storm Troopers in America!”
Storm Troopers in America, says Mayorkas?!?
(click here to see the original 1950s Eisenhower Campaign license plate)

Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas may be a Cuban refugee and the first Latin American born person to be appointed US Secretary of Homeland Security, but none of that matters when it comes to obeying the oath he swore to protect America’s Borders, Citizens, and Sovereignty. As a member of the President’s Cabinet Mayorkas reports directly to Joe Biden, and since he and Biden have taken office we’ve seen:

I have no reason to doubt Mayorkas’ ability to oversee and manage our Nation’s Security (mostly because I haven’t done much research on his abilities) but I have to believe he’s kept his job by doing what his boss – Joe Biden – wants him to do: Increase the number of disadvantaged poor in the United States to allow Democrats to expand the Welfare State, cultivate more votes, turn Red States into Blue States, increase their political power, and move America closer to a single-party Socialist State.

Background: My “Trump” license plate was modified from the original one created for Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1952 Presidential Campaign, and my “Storm Troopers” poster is a modification of one originally issued in 1942 by the United States Office of War Information. (Note my versions are each claimed as a Derivative Work, please see my Legal Notice regarding Copyright and Use.)

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