Noé Chartier Asks for Help with his Virus. I’ll Give it a Shot.

Last night I noticed this Tweet X Posting published by one of the websites I visit regularly:

Help you out, Noé Chartier? Sure, let me try (by giving perhaps a sophomoric answer).

Back in the old days virologists would isolate a contagious virus (for example, smallpox or influenza) analyze it, grow it in chicken eggs, inert the virus to remove the contagion, inject it into your body, and let your immune system work to recognize the invader and fight it, strengthening your immunity.

Pox Viruses: Typical constructionInfluenza-A Virus: ConstructionShown at left:
Typical “Pox” Virus (such as Smallpox, Monkeypox, Chicken Pox, Zosters, etc).

Shown at right:
Typical Influenza Viruses (Type-A is shown).

As for coronaviruses, non-humans (animals, bats, etc) have been getting them for a long time and rarely it crosses over to humans. Science has known about the COVID virus for at least 50 years (see: CORONAVIRUSES (CORONAVIRIDAE) Encyclopedia of Virology, 01 Jan 1999, :291-298 PMCID: PMC7150129 as example)

SARS-CoV Virus: ConstructionShown at left: “Model of coronavirus virion. (Modified and published with permission from Fields BN, Knipe DM, Howley PM et al (eds) (1996) Fields Virology, 3rd edn. Philadelphia: Lippincott-Raven).”

Virology (like most things in life) is a two-edged sword: You could manipulate a deadly virus (say, Ebola) to figure out how to kill it or kill with it, depending on if you’re a Good Guy or a Bad Guy; it’s a biological arms race.

Nowadays virologists isolate a contagious virus (say, SARS) analyze it, create an mRNA proxy which looks like the virus’ DNA but (ideally) isn’t contagious or deadly, inject it into your body, and let your immune system work to recognize the invader and fight it, (ideally) strengthening your immunity.

Did you know? Lately us common folk learned such treatments are “Gene Therapy” and not “Vaccination”, as they fail the classic definition of a vaccine: Preventing infection and transmission while reducing severity if infected. To accommodate this the CDC simply changed the definition of a “Vaccine” in 2019[1] so that these Gene Therapies could be called “Vaccines”. Whether the CDC’ wanted to improve the definition’s accuracy or disguise the true action of these new therapies is unclear: Pick the answer you’re more comfortable with.

If you want to “infect” people with immunity to (oops, “protection” from) a virus it would help to mimic its’ mechanism of infection and the contagion; in the case of viruses it’s their spike protein and the cleavage sites. So, Moderna’s “vaccine” mimicing the SARS-CoV isn’t surprising – it’s a Trojan Horse used to destroy the city. While it’s concerning that (as the paper Noé Chartier cited points out) there’s a one-in-three trillion chance Moderna’s sequence would occur naturally, and would be disturbing if it’s ultimagely discovered one or more bad actors worked to create a bioweapon (or Good Guy(s) to create a commercial pharmaceutical monopoly), it’s alarming that the SARS-CoV “Eldemic” opened the commercial door for mRNA treatments which are (presumably) one step away from DNA reprogramming. As with any new technology we’d like to believe everyone using it are the “Good Guys”, but history shows the quickest way to take advantage of a new technology is either maliciously (for war – such as dynamite, sulfur gas, or nuclear reactions) or badly (in a rush to market – such as Thalidomide, the Swine Flu Vaccine, or exploding cell phones :-( )

BTW: I’m not a Virologist or any other -gist, I’m a former Aerospace Engineer by trade, so apology in advance for the “layman’s answer. One might want to take a look at Tiny COVID-19 Gene Sequence Raises Valid Question or “Quirky Observation?” By Mark Terry, Published: Feb 24, 2022 in BioSpace for a layman’s explanation of the paper Noé Chartier cited.

[1] Prior to 2019 the CDC’s definition of a vaccine was “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease”. In 2019 CDC changed the word “immunity” to “protection”. Note the word “immunity” implies full resistance to infection, while the word “protection” does not.

Thanks for Reading!

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