Vintage Propaganda for Today’s Truths (No. 10)

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Propaganda can be very effective when trying to instruct and motivate a population to achieve your goals. Propaganda as art typically caricatures an opponent in a simple, evil manner, exaggerating their features and focusing on a potential danger they posewritten or spoken propaganda casts everything the opponent does in a negative, threatening light. Those working to stop the opponent are portrayed as patriotic, hard-working and heroic, motivated to sacrifice and work until the opponent is defeated.

Propaganda has always been with us and continues today, whether subtly included in Advertising and Marketing, revealed as electronic Censorship by Government and Social Media, or incorporated into memes, text messages, and “News” by the Liberal Press and anyone trying to advance an agenda.

And I thought: What if World War II and Cold War Propaganda posters were reimagined for today’s topics? What would they look like?

Presenting the Tenth in a Series of
Vintage 2024 Election Season Propaganda Posters

“He Volunteered”
He Volunteered for Gender Reassignment
(click here to see the original 1944 WWII poster)

March 31, 2024 was not only Easter Sunday – where Christians celebrate the rebirth and resurrection of Christ Jesus – but also “Transgender Day of Visibility” (TDOV) – where Americans should recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of people who are a conflation of male and female. TDOV was invented in 2010 by psychotherapist, activist, and transgender person Rachel Crandall-Crocker to divert media attention from violence (sometimes fatal) caused by transgender or non-binary people. And on March 31st Joe Biden released his proclamation celebrating TDOV before releasing his Easter message.

So I present to you some recognition of transgenders, estimated at 1.03% of America’s population and (as of 2022) only 0.18% of America’s 3,395,354 military personnel. As I present it let me remind you that God and Jesus loves and will forgive everyone, America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Charters of Freedom for everyone regardless of their Race, Color, Creed, Religion, Biological Gender, or National Origin; and the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted everyone to judge everyone by the “content of their character“.

(Click to view the original)Background: My Trangender poster was modified from a US Navy recruiting poster created by Jon Whitcomb and published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1944 to encourage men to join the submarine service. (Note my version is claimed as a Derivative Work, please see my Legal Notice regarding Copyright and Use.)

Added Bonus!
Two examples of Transgender violence we’re not supposed to focus on.
(click image to enlarge in the same window)
Transgender Violence towards women.

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