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With the world caught up in a pandemic and governments decreeing everyone’s physical universe is either their residence or standing 6 feet from everyone as they wipe out all the toilet paper in the few remaining open stores I figured it was about time to ramble about the SARS-COVID-19 virus:

Let’s get ready to ramble!

  • As I was looking at some Easter chocolate at a local store I suddenly heard a voice behind me loudly exclaim: “SIX FEET APART!“. Upon returning to the ground I turned and replied to the person “I wouldn’t worry about that, you probably already have the virus as your face mask isn’t covering your nose.”
  • Speaking of “6 feet”, while “social distancing” in line outside my local WalMart I noticed a man who had cleverly used a safety hardhat to construct a “social distancing hat” by attaching a colorful “pool noodle” pointed in each of the four directions. And by “clever” I mean “he couldn’t fit through the entrance or the aisles”.
  • I’m not one to reach for the conspiratorial “tin foil hat” (I leave that to a couple of my esteemed and knowledgeable acquaintances), but I’ve read that

(a) in 2015 former (P)resident Obama gave a $3.7 Million taxpayer grant to the biolab in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, allegedly the source of the COVID-19 pandemic,

(b) Bill Gates said the “best investment he ever made” was a $10 Billion, 2017 investment into three medical organizations providing vaccines to the world, and

(c) apparently, we’ve known the drug Chloroquine - touted by President Trump early during the crisis yet downplayed by his detractors – was shown effective against SARS-CoV type viruses as early as 2005.

Maybe I’ll ask my acquaintances if they have any more “dots” to connect here…

UPDATE! Here’s a link to an article in “Children’s Health Defense” which provides an intertwined  timeline of COVID-19 milestones and The Gates Foundation activities. When reading, remember that  “correlation is not causation”. Also note “Children’s Health Defense” argues, with evidence, that vaccines are not completely safe, tested, or effective.

  • I’m definitely not happy at the prospects of the 2020 MLB Baseball Season possibly being cancelled.  If so, I suspect some arrogant New York Yankees fan will argue that although every team will be undefeated for the season the Bronx Bombers should still receive the World Series Trophy because they’re the best team in baseball. My suggestion? Participation awards ;-)
  • I suspect a lot of restaurants and fast food locations won’t survive when the economy re-opens (along with some retail stores, bars, nightclubs, theaters, conference & banquet facilities…heck, even casinos…but, I digress). Why? Because the quality of their drive-thru stinks. Not the increased wait times, that’s a given. It’s everything from cold, limp fries, incorrect or missing ingredients, small food portions, and lack of condiments, plastic utensils, or napkins in the bag…and, in some cases, the sales receipt, so you can’t even complain about the order or exchange it. For me, the only fast-food places providing an excellent drive-thru experience are Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, where I’ve noticed 10-20 cars at their drive-thru almost constantly.

Update: (05-24-2020) The trend of bad service continues, to the point where when asked “Will there be anything else?” I ask specifically for (when needed) napkins, utensils, a straw, condiments, salt/pepper, and sauces, and always the sales receipt. Chick-fil-A remains the ONLY drive-thru outlet I use regularly that either asks if you need those items or includes them in the bag without asking.

As some of my friends say I tend to be slightly pessimistic (I’d say “jaded”, but I’m still a “helpless romantic” at heart), I thought I’d end this post with an optimistic ramble:

  • Highways nearly empty means late night, 100 mpg jaunts in the sports car are now much safer….I’ve saved a bunch of money not going to sports bars, restaurants, the mall, or casinos…I now have TWO sets of lounge pants and sweatshirts, for “Daytime wear” and for “Nighttime wear”…I get to see my neighbors more, and most are quite nice despite being 6 feet away with face masks on…working from home isn’t as nice as working at work but far nicer than not working at all (thanks Boss!)…and, Mom is just as effective at sending her love electronically as she is in person: I guess that’s just another talent parents have.

Thanks for reading!

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