Biggs wants 51 “Intelligence Experts” to be Insecure

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs, representing Arizona’s Fifth District, recently told Dan Ball of One America News he’s filed a congressional bill to revoke the security clearances of the 51 Intelligence “Experts” who publicly claimed in a letter released just before the 2020 Presidential Election that Hunter Biden’s laptop could be “Russian disinformation” aimed at influencing the election’s outcome.

However, while Rep. Biggs states these 51 experts were “lying”, the actual language they signed on to was:

“…our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.”

Those 51 “Experts” never said the laptop’s contents were fake, or that Russia had any involvement with the laptop at all: They based their claim on their collective “experience” – or, expressed another way, “feels“.

However, when it comes to Government Security Clearances Rep. Biggs certainly has the right idea: Why do former Federal Employees continue to have Security Clearances years after they’ve officially stopped working for the Government?

Perhaps Rep. Biggs should focus on why the collective experiences of so-called “Experts” couldn’t (or, wouldn’t) show the same amount of deep suspicion regarding

Their failure to do so suggests the 51 “Experts” were disingenuous when they stated “American citizens should determine the outcome of elections…” (although, those 51 Experts are “citizens”).

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