Get Ready to Play “Presidential Debate Bingo”!

On Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 8PM Eastern time CNN will hold the first of two scheduled Presidential Debates between

Joe “10% for the Big Guy” Biden Former President Donald J. Trump
Biden Sleeps while Trump Grins
America’s gravity-challenged, stumbling, bumbling, brain-addled, physically deteriorating, mispronouncing, grifting gaffe machine. A smart, well-educated, determined, dedicated, shrewd, successful, patriotic, billionaire entrepreneur who created hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of jobs, and loves fast food, thinks exercise wastes precious energy, and (like Buddhist Monks!) sleeps 4 hours a night.

Almost everyone – especially young voters – know debates can be boring and long-winded, so to add some excitement why not consider throwing a party and playing…

2024 Presidential Debate” Bingo!

How to Play “2024 Presidential Debate” Bingo!

  1. Invite your friends over to play and party!
    • It’s best if all players share the same socio-economic, political, & religious beliefs, but for even MORE excitement consider inviting people with varying viewpoints, room-temperature IQs, or even Liberals.
  2. Each player decides if they want to play the game using a Bingo Card designed for Joe Biden, President Trump, or BOTH!

  3. Here are some example cards: (click to enlarge)
    Debate Biden Bingo Card - example Debate Trump Bingo Card - example
    Always mark the center space before the game starts, it’s a Free Space.
  4. The game can be played using either paper or online Bingo Cards.

    • To play using a paper card:

      • To generate ten different (10) bingo cards
          Click here for Trump or Click here for Biden.

      • Print out the cards, separate them if needed, and hand them out
        • If you like Equality then each person plays the same number of cards. However, if you want “Equity” each person gets a different number of cards based on their Preferred Gender Pronouns, Income Level, Citizen Status, Skin Color, perceived Privilege, Personal Struggles, Political Beliefs, Baseball Cap Insignia, etc.

    • To play using an online Bingo Card:

  5. Watch the CNN’s first 2024 Presidential Debate and pay very close attention to Trump and Biden’s words and actions during the 90-minute debate.

  6. When you hear one of the Words or Phrases – or see one of the Actions – shown on your Bingo Card(s) for the candidate on your bingo card(s) mark that space on your paper card with an “X”, or just touch or click it on your online card(s)

    • Handy Tip! To prevent boredom during the debate consider marking the space with another symbol. Trump supporters might want to use a US Flag, a “T”, or a lion’s face, while Blacks may want to use a raised fist, non-heterosexuals a Pride Flag, illegal aliens a dollar sign, Biden supporters a question mark, etc.
    • Actions are enclosed in brackets, for example: [Someone Heckles Biden].
    • For added excitement before the debate starts review each Action and write the number of times it will happen during the speech. See if your prediction comes true, or award a prize to the person whose prediction(s) come the closest!
  7. The first player to get five marks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins the game. BUT… If the group consists only of Liberals substitute “ends the game” for “wins the game”, because when you’re a Liberal everyone’s a winner!

Thanks for Reading! (and, have fun!)

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