After Debating it’s Clear: Trump Must Go to Prison

It’s as simple as this:

Poll: Trump Wins 2024 Debate!

Here’s why former President Donald J. Trump won by such a wide margin:

And, here are the reasons why the first former president ever to be prosecuted in United States history must go to prison:

  • If Trump’s placed under House Arrest and confined to his Mar-a-Lago Estate in Florida he can’t draw large crowds in Democrat-controlled, economically-disadvantaged, heavily-minority urban districts and appeal to them in person directly. Instead, he’d be lowered to Joe Biden’s level, essentially running a “Basement Campaign” and at the mercy of increasingly Liberal-leaning Media, their online Censorship and biased Search Engines to get his campaign message across.
  • In the meantime, Biden’s Democrat handlers, donors, and Party Leaders can decide if Biden needs to give up his campaign “in order to spend more time with his family”, or “because after over 50 years of dedicated and accomplished service to the American People it’s time to pass my legacy to a new, inspired, energetic, and diverse generation”, or some other diplomatic elegant phrase.
  • Whether or not Biden ends his campaign the Democrats can “Defend Democracy!” by having their approx. 4,532 Delegates appoint a younger Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at their National Convention, and adding language like “too old”, “obsolete”, and “out of touch” to their relentless attacks on Trump as an egotistical, narcissistic, sociopathic, convicted felon who’s a threat to both National Security and Democracy destroying Democracy and America.
  • Speaking of defending “Democracy!”, Liberals will undoubtedly use every means at their disposal – and more – to make sure America’s Constitutional Republic DEMOCRACY is preserved. They’ve already expressed concern that Artificial Intelligence could be used to influence the election… which makes one suspect Liberals will use it to influence the election.
  • And, should all of that fail, Liberals could (God forbid!) always use “Thoughts and prayers” to suffer a sudden and unexpected “accident” upon Trump.

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